How to Draw Super Attractive Foxy Eye Makeup?

Fashion trends always catch you off guard. For example, fox eye makeup has become popular in recent two years. Compared with the round big eyes, fox eyes are totally different in charm. As the trend changes, it has now become the eye makeup that girls are competing for.

Fox’s eyes are usually charming, sexy and affectionate, and the tail of fox’s eyes is relatively long and close to the inner pair. There is always water vapor in the eyes, just like the fox’s eyes, which is easy to attract people. That’s why fox eye makeup is so hot.

Why It Called Fox Eyes?

The eye is the window of the heart and the most prominent part of the five senses. Therefore, a good-looking eye makeup will create a pair of good-looking eyes. It can make your whole face beautiful.

Many girls want to make their eyes look more magical and charming, so they will try many ways to make their eyes shine. Then, fox eye makeup can make your eyes charming.

The foxy eyes are characterized by narrow and long eyes, slightly upward tail, downward inner and upward outer corners. This kind of eye shape can make the whole face shape lift and tighten up, and make the eyes glow at the same time.

The popularity of fox eye makeup began with celebrity stars. The most representative of them is Bella Hardid. Since she painted fox eye makeup, the charm of the whole person has increased a lot, which is quite different from the previous temperament. No, you can compare the previous photos.

In contrast, the proportion of natural fox eyes of Oriental is higher, but in western countries, there are fewer girls born with Fox eyes. So how can we get such a beautiful fox eye makeup? In fact, it’s not difficult. Today, I’ll teach you how to make fox eyes by yourself.

The Painting of Foxy Eyes

Use eye liner and eye liner to draw the eyes of a fox.

Step1: After the make-up is ready, take the eye shadow of the coffee ribbon and pearlescent on the face, then trace the trace along the base of the eyelash with the eyeliner.

Step2: the eye tail part needs to outline an arc. The end of the eye tail must be three-dimensional sharp, and then use the brush to clean out the more eye liner.

Step3: use cotton swabs to clean unclean tail of eye tail, then use eyeliner fluid, from the eye head slightly beyond a little bit, draw a three-dimensional triangulation sensation.

Step4: Light colored eye shadow gently swept down the eyes and face. Then black eye shadow in the lower part of the eye tail part of the light sweep with the upper corner of the eye. This rising spirit of the fox eye came out.

A Simpler Way of Drawing

First, brush golden brown eye shadow on the upper socket. Then use a black eyeliner to draw a thick eyeliner along the root of the eyelash, lift up the eye tail, use the small flat brush to modify the eye tail, and lengthen the elongated eye tail.

Then use cotton swabs to treat halo dyed black, and then use eye liner to deepen the lower eyeliner. This will enhance the thickening of the eyeliner and the root of the eyelash, and make the lines more obvious. Finally, brush the bottom of the eye with meat powder, then dye the lower eyelid with the black halo, and the eyeliner is finished.

As we all know, we should know that sometimes for makeup, we should also make up according to our own eye type, because if the characteristics of eye type are different, the suitable makeup style is also different. Therefore, when matching makeup and clothing, you can also consider matching according to your own eye type, so the matching effect will be more outstanding. So today’s Fox eye makeup painting, have you learned it?