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How To Choose Earrings? These Types Of Earrings Are Not To Be Missed

As an indispensable accessory for delicate girls, earrings actually occupy a vital position in the entire match. There are many types of earrings and various styles, but many girls still feel that they can’t find earrings that are suitable for them. In the final analysis, they actually don’t know their own face shape.

Let me tell you today what type of earrings your face is suitable for. I believe you will be less entangled in your future choice of earrings.

Girls With Multiple Piercings Come Over

Girls with multiple pierced ears, you have too many earring types to choose from. You can choose combination earrings, they are generally large and small, you can wear them according to your preference. You can also choose two earrings to wear different earrings to express your personality. Of course, the earrings are styles that are friendly to every face, so try it out ~

Ethnic Earrings

Ethnic earrings are matched with ethnic style clothing styles. National style earrings are generally long earrings with a certain volume, which is very suitable for angular faces, such as diamond faces and square faces.

Gorgeous Earrings

Gorgeous earrings generally have a shiny appearance, bright colors, eye-catching weight and size. Generally, on some important occasions, you will need such earrings very much. Remember, make-up is not too on the list, you must use a strong enough makeup clothing to match the earrings.

Metallic Earrings

Simple metallic earrings are now very popular with young girls. Golden round hollow earrings, it is more suitable for girls with long faces; long metal earrings, it is more suitable for girls with round faces! The style with large pearls is very suitable for heart-shaped faces or goose egg face girl to wear.

Earrings For Tender Girls

Feather, fringed and small pearl earrings are very feminine, giving a gentle and affectionate feeling, which is very suitable for girls with round faces.

Heterosexual Personality Earring

Irregular geometric earrings, or pattern models, or various pattern stitching models, are very unique and individual styles. Geometric pattern earrings are suitable for girls with slightly longer faces and less cheeks.