How To Choose A Perfect Hairstyle? Who Are The People With Short Pixie Hair?

Please don’t ask us why the girls cut the elves’ short hair! Because only after cutting short hair can we know that girls can have such a style – fresh, comfortable, clean, even careless is also very beautiful.

Dear ladies, the heat of summer day is a perfect excuse to adopt a new haircut. But the real matter is to know how to choose the right cut for your face shapes and hair type. Are your hair straight, wavy, short? And what about the texture and the volume: soft, medium or thick? Here are all the secrets you should know to have the perfect haircut.

What Does Short Pixie Hair Last So Long?

Pixie cut, also known as boyish haircut, has short hair on the back of the head, sides and bangs. In short, it is extremely short hair. “Spirit head” is characterized by lightness and flexibility. The hair needs to be cut layer by layer, and the bangs are extremely short.

This short hair has caught fire recently, but it’s not a new hair style that’s just caught on. As early as the beginning of the 20th century, pixie cut has sprouted. A woman took the lead in cutting short hair. American actress Louise Brooks.

Of course, as the prototype of pixie cut, Louise Brooks has some differences from the current extremely short hair, which is too straight and not rich in layers.

Let’S Move The Time Forward

The first real wave of pixie cut comes from our eternal angel: Audrey Hepburn. In the late 1950s, Hepburn cut off her long hair in her debut movie Roman holiday, revealing the most naive and playful smile in the world, which doomed her short hair to be sought after by all girls who want to be angels.

Hepburn’s hairstyle already embodies the distinctive features of pixie cut: the delicate bangs on the eyebrows.

In the 1960s, “It girl” – British supermodel twiggy that made pixie cut really a trendsetter.

She combed her short hair so short and clean that it was over her ears. At that time, this pioneering work of Twiggy almost changed the global aesthetic outlook, making her have an Uncategorized temperament and become a complex of boys and girls. (by the way, the popularity of false eyelashes is also attributed to this trendsetter.)

Contemporaries Mia Farrow and Jean Seberg are also fans of this hairstyle.

Jean Seberg, with this hairstyle, is no longer the soft, feminine sexuality of the early 20th century, but the frank, bold, and simple style of a boy. Her handsome boy style has also become an important branch of neuter style.

Pixie cut style is back strong among contemporary actresses, with many cutting short hair.

A Lot Of People Are Suitable For Elf Short Pixie Hair

So, what kind of face is suitable for cutting pixie cut? In fact, in addition to the so-called small face and big eyes, each type of face has its own Pixie hair. As long as you properly develop your strengths and avoid weaknesses, everyone can experience an elf like playful style~

Even Round Face Girls Will Be Very Suitable For This Short Hair!

Oval face: luckily, there are many beautiful hairstyles. There is absolutely no problem with the messy pixie cut.

Round face: in order to make your lovely round face add a little sharpness of edges and corners, you can cut the bangs into inclined side sweeps, with more flavor of personality.

Long face: you should carefully decide whether to cut it into pixie cut, because short hair that is completely uncovered may make your face look longer. You are more suitable for Bob short hair, but if you decide to cut a pixie cut, you can consider keeping the bangs long and trimming them to one side to balance your face shape and increase the sense of width.

Square face: Try the puffy pixie haircut. The puffy visual effect can soften your strong jaw curve. And make sure to trim every 4-6 weeks to keep the shape.

Pixie short haircut is always the most recommended hairstyle for you in summer. Because it’s good-looking, fashionable and versatile.