Girl’s Favorite Rose Tattoo Get To Know?

Rose origin in China. It belongs to Rosa. A deciduous shrub of Rosaceae, with needled branches and stems, 5-9 leaflets, oval shape and side thorns. Rose was also a common plant. Suddenly one day, it was pushed to the height of representing love.

The rose, who was forced to appear in love articles and frequently appeared in films and TV works, said that she was under great pressure, but she still couldn’t push away the love of the masses, including the author himself. Therefore, this article will arrange the related tattoo patterns of roses according to different styles, and analyze and discuss them.

“Low Key” Rose Tattoos Are More Popular

Although tattoo is the most important thing I like, I still suggest that you, as far as the rose or flower pattern is concerned, if you want to make a color realistic style, it’s better to have a lighter pattern color, and a rose pattern that is not too thick is better.

Red Rose Tattoo Is Beautiful But A Little “Dangerous”

When the skin color is white and the color is red and the area is large, unless the pattern itself is designed with style, it is easy to appear abrupt and cannot be better integrated with myself. Red is no longer a kind of persuasion, but a kind of care for guests.

It’S Not That Red Can’t Be Tattooed

Red rose is the most classic image, of course, many girls will choose red tattoo.Note that when tattooing roses for you, the tattooist can also choose a little more cold or warm red to do according to his actual skin color. The effect is very good with the matching color.

Rose tattoo has a very good sense of line, so everyone loves it!

The old tradition likes to use rose as the material. The effect is really cool and handsome, which is not easy to provoke and rich, and has high aesthetic taste.

Color realism if you think it’s more publicized and not suitable for your girl, you can also choose the following styles which are fresh, elegant, delicate and elegant. They are also color realism, but they become another feeling in the hands of tattooists.