Girl With Tattoo, Why Do You Need Tattoo?

Having a tattoo doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a story, but people with tattoos must have a story. This is what I want to correct first. A lot of tattoos are just because they want to tattoo. It has nothing to do with whether there is a story or not, not to mention the evaluation of the two. The preferences of tattoos themselves are the first point, and they have nothing to do with others. Because it is stabbed in oneself, this thing should be subjective, and others should not talk much if they know how to respect.

The so-called “tattoo must be meaningful” is a very narrow one. It is the layman’s opinion at first sight. And I personally think this kind of judgment really takes my skin too seriously.

On The Reasons Of Tattoo

Tattoos Can Give Me A Sense Of Security.

Many tattoo people have been more or less treated unfairly or even cruelly, and the deterrent power of tattoo can protect themselves. This may be the prejudice received by tattoo, but it brings benefits. What a silly thing to say, but the fact is that ordinary people are not easily able to be a tattoo. He will feel that you are not easy to get into the subconscious. Whatever you are wearing is piggy page or something else, never mind the theme of tattoo. The person who dare to take the pain is the three word.

Tattoo Makes Us Out Of Mediocrity, Away From The Ordinary

Tattoo as a minority culture, step into this circle represents all the vision and treatment you will accept in the future. Everyone has set their own general path from the moment of birth, and countless possibilities are put in front of you. Due to the limitation of the first perspective, I always put myself first, which is instinct, that is, the so-called “I am the protagonist of the film” mentality.

The Charm Of Tattoo Itself

The process of tattooing itself is a special and unique body experience. Focusing on the body again, pain mixed with a sense of achievement, from this point of view, tattoo is a good way to relieve stress and relax yourself. Under certain pain, the body will produce endorphins, so-called addiction after tattoo is also the reason.

Tattoos Are Very Important To Some People

For people with scars or blemishes on their skin, tattoos can help them to be reborn. Vitiligo, surgical scars, or burn scars, good design can help you to solve. It’s no exaggeration to say that good design can make your skin and body into art works.

We All Like This Way Of Expressing Emotions And Humanity

A lot of people are crazy about tattoos. It can record a very important thing for you, a memory, or a loved one, or a cat and dog waiting for you at home, or a string of words that can spur you. Or it can mean nothing, just an inspiration, a little idea, a little hobby.