Fruit nails: cute nail designs to welcome your Summer day 2021!

Nail art is the sphere that changes all the time, and when you are getting used to a trend, another is already knocking on your door. There’s nothing special about it, as you have more and more ideas to experiment with within the long run. However, today we will introduce you to the latest trend that exists – fruit nails. Still, let’s not just show you some ideas to replicate, but we’ll provide you with detailed tutorials so there’s no way you won’t succeed.

Juicy peaches, kiwis, pineapples… just thinking about it will make you drool, and seeing these fruits will also give people an excellent feeling. If you are a face-controller, then, of course, you have to be more literary, put on a fruit card, and then eat.

Mixed fruit nails

In recent years, fruit-style manicures have become popular, whether it is a belt, a belt, a white T, and of course, nails. A variety of background colors with various summer fruits, plus other summer-limited elements, make nails look more relaxed in the summer when the sun is fiery.

When summer is coming, it’s important not only to lose some weight for the beach season, but it’s also time to think about your fresh manicure. Mixed fruit nails are the best for summer madness, as summer is the time of virility

Orange nails for fruit nails

The orange pattern is the darling of summer. In summer, the orange design is printed on both clothes and nails. The yellow background color and the hand-painted orange pattern make people feel very fresh. The pins are refreshing yellow and green as the primary color, coupled with the orange design, giving the feeling of a breeze blowing.

Lemon nails for summer

The lemon pattern is the darling of summer. In summer, whether on clothes or nails will be printed with a lemon pattern, yellow background color, with a hand-painted lemon pattern, feel very fresh. Nails with refreshing yellow and green colors, coupled with lemon patterns, give people a breeze feeling.

Pineapple pattern with fruit nails for summer

Pineapple is also one of the essential elements in summer. Nude nails paired with pineapple will consume the most fruits in summer throughout the year. They can cool down and relieve the heat. It can be said that summer is the kingdom of fruits.

Watermelon nails design

As a senior fruit lover, how can you miss putting watermelon on your nails? The summer heat is hard to stop. The most suitable colors for summer are, of course, light and cool colors. With the watermelon pattern, your nails will look more relaxed. , Elegant.

Kiwi nails for fruit nails

How can summer nails lack a touch of cool kiwi green, kiwi green with milky white nails will quickly cool your overall shape.

Cherry pattern nails design

As a girl who loves cherries, we also recommend girls with pale skin to boldly put cherry patterns on their nails to make your summer cooler.