French tip nails with almond-shaped nail ideas to try this Summer 2021!

French tip nails design has been popular in nail fashion for a long time. The words ‘French’ or ‘Paris’ have always been contacting with fashion. Many women like French nails. Some of them look classic, others are elegant for a nail design that suits any occasion. They make the right choice, as this is all that characterizes the French manicure. This nail design matches any outfit you wear and is always fashionable.
But first of all, what should a French manicure look like? Because it is bicolor, it usually has shades that mimic its natural nails, that is, pink nail beds and white tips. However, many modern versions of french mani also employ other shades. The most significant part of the manicure is the tip of the nails, which should look perfect. The design looks elegant, easy, and simple.

Elegant White nails for french tip nails with almond-shaped

Stand out with this combination of French white tip and rhinestone. Based on the white colors, the nails are then finished with white enamel. Accents of additional studs are seen on top of the nails.

Classic French tip almond nails

French manicure ideas are classic, which is why women wear them for weeks and don’t bother to change their nail styles.

Colorful Almond nails

Do you realize that French manicure designs are extremely versed? Depending on the color and pattern you choose, you can adjust your mani to suit a casual and formal environment. The choice of a multicolored nail design or a single shade depends on you. However, you can be sure that your French nail design will not go unnoticed.

Dotted pattern with French almond nails

Dotted designs are fashionable, regardless of the shape and size in which they arise. But this dotted French mani looks so yummy that it’s so hard not to give in to temptation. Also, the addition of rhinestone designs makes it super stylish.

Flower nails for summer

If you ask your nail master to add some soft flowers to your French nail art, you will look more feminine and romantic.

Line tips with almond French nails

If you want to give your French manicure a unusual and complex touch, try this modern version of classic design. To pull it out, you need to outline your tips with the lines, without filling them with color or duplicating the line above your tips. This French nail design comes out attractive and bold, regardless of the colors you will choose.