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Fashion Trend In 2020 – Puff Sleeve

2019 has already passed, and the fashion trend is also wave after wave, and last year’s trend will become obsolete in the next year.

So as the fashion experts and garment people who are on the cutting edge of fashion, how can they get ahead of others? Only by mastering the current trend as soon as possible, can we know early, beautiful early!

Fashion Cycle- Puff Sleeve

The momentum of the retro wind has not diminished. It has been two or three years since the retro element of puff sleeves was returned. But the trend is still strong, it is still the most fashionable element of spring and summer 2020. Not only that, the puff sleeve element, in the recent two or three years will never be out of date. It won’t be a problem for another few years it be popular.

Darling of The New Era

Puff sleep belongs to the European retro court style, with a more romantic style and slender arms. It was popular in the early 19th century during the imperial period. In recent years, the design integrates the Victorian bubble sleeves and lace into the contemporary fashion, and at the same time, it is also perfectly integrated with the modern aesthetic, elegant and overflowing.

Square Collar Puff Sleeve

It can be said that the square collar comes back together with the puff sleeve. The square collar is also the most popular element at present. The combination of “square collar + puff sleeve” is full of retro style combination. The puff sleeve is sweet and lovely, and the generous collar is sexy and atmospheric. Therefore, such combination has the sweet of the little woman and the powerful aura of the big woman.

Puff Sleeve Shirt

Blouse palace sleeve shirt is also a return style, which is more feminine and has more design sense. In addition to the loose sleeves, it may be applied to perspective, lace, embroidery, printing, ear edge, ruffle edge and other elements, and this element basically has a strong female color, so the bloom of this style is also more soft, cute and sweet.

Off Shoulder Puff Sleeve

In summer, you can’t do without off shoulder clothes. A nice shoulder and neck line will make your sexy index soar. If you are born with a good shoulder and neck line, show it when you are young. The requirements of off shoulder clothing are quite high, the neck should not be thick, the shoulder neck line should be smooth, the shoulder should not be smooth, wide, and the back should not be thick. If you can look good in your off the shoulder outfit, show it.