Exclusive For Summer, 50+ Gorgeous Rainbow Manicures

The bright summer sunshine and the blue sea are looking forward to meeting you unexpectedly. When they come, they are as beautiful and gorgeous as the unexpected rainbow. At the same time, it will be as fleeting as a rainbow.

So let me keep this beautiful summer Rainbow by my side forever. Here are so many rainbow enhancements that will bring you a lot of luck.

The Beautiful Meaning Of Rainbow

Rainbow represents beauty, fairy tale, nature and fantasy. The rainbow will appear after the rain, indicating that the beauty to be pursued can only reach the desired goal or good hope after certain setbacks. In addition, according to Greek mythology, rainbow is a bridge connecting heaven and earth. In ancient times, different civilizations believed in rainbows differently. “

Seven Colors Of Luck

There are seven colors of rainbow, red orange, yellow green, blue and purple. The combination of these seven colors is very good-looking, so you can choose either rainbow pattern for manicure or rainbow color for solid color manicure. Both are very, very good-looking.

It’s So Easy

The color of rainbow can be said to represent the color of summer. So today I want to give you a rainbow manicure that can be made at home. Hurry to learn.

  • The foundation is to repair the hands and oil. We create a distinctive offbeat fingertip, so choose a glossy black nail polish as the background color.

We Can’t Help Smiling When we See Rainbow Manicure

  • Then, smear grandma’s green nail polish on the bottom of the nail, then apply lemon yellow nail polish and red nail polish.
  • Seven colors have not yet been completed, and then coated with blue, light green and lemon yellow nail polish in turn. So far, this Rainbow manicure is basically in shape.

A Manicure That Will Be Finished Soon

We can make this Rainbow manicure richer and paste some small water diamonds of bling bling. Finally, remember to apply the seal to make the nails more shiny. Well, it’s done by simply learning the Manicure Steps. In the summer at home, let’s find a rainbow on our fingertips!