Don’T Get Tangled Up! Bob Head Is Still The First Choice In 2020~

There are so many beautiful troubles for girls! Especially in the choice of hair style. Seeing the hot summer coming, short hair is very refreshing, but it limits the daily dress. And long hair, although full of femininity, but it can’t stand the hot weather. If you are outdoors, long hair girls will be damaged by heat. So, think about it, there is only one hair style that suits summer best, that is Bob hair style.

Bob haircut has always been the most popular short hair style in summer. Bob hair style not only increases the sense of playfulness and loveliness, but also gets rid of the dull and hot feeling of long hair. The fresh and cute Bob hair style is suitable for the beauty of any age! Hurry to enjoy the beautiful and fresh long Bob hair style below.

These Three Styles of Bob Hair Style, Want Understand?

Style 1 – French Bob Head With Bangs

Bangs has a sense of age reduction in vision, but the French Bob head is not too neat for students. It is the traditional student Bob haircut. If you want to make the Bob head with a little curl in the figure below, the whole hair style looks fluffy and natural with the effect of sex, then you need the electric roll stick.

  1. Select 32mm electric rod and base product with fluffy feeling, and apply evenly on wet hair first.

2. Blow dry the hair, evenly comb the hair into sections after drying, and then use the electric roll bar to only roll up the curl of the hair tail, and roll up the hair layer by layer.

3. After the partition is rolled up, the whole head goes down and the top comb is used to comb the curled hair first. Then the spray is sprayed on the reverse comb hair. After the hair is combed, and then adjusted the fluffy feeling that you want. Creating a Bob with a small volume and the lovable beauty of the adults.

Style 2 — Big Partial Bob Head

This kind of hair is super beautiful. This big partial French style hair style is not fluffy, which is more suitable for office workers.

If you also cut a good-looking bob, but you think it’s too neat and less fluffy, you can make a sense of asymmetry first. Then apply a little hair wax on the surface of the hair, and then divide it into a bunch of twists to fix it with a hairpin, then dry it with a hair dryer, and finally grab the messy line feeling. Does it feel like the hairstyle blowing at any time is very beautiful?

Style 3 – Natural Micro Roll Bob Hairstyle

When it comes to Bob’s head, it’s necessary to mention Japanese star Hiroko Ishihara. Her hairstyle is similar to “sleeping without waking up”. Compared with the wavy curls with distinct radians, the loose micro curls are the most lazy and casual. Of course, in this way, the natural micro curling radian depends on the electric winding rod. Choose a 28mm electric rod to roll up from the bottom, spray the setting solution on the comb with a wide plate comb, and then repeat the comb for 5-8 times until the curling presents the natural radian.

It’s Not Too Hard To Cut Your Own Long Bob Hair

Step 1: Separate Levels

Simply divide the hair into two parts. Start from the top of the head and grab a part of the hair with a shorter surface layer and clip it first. The rest of the hair is curled in a bun at the root and fixed with a rubber band. Remember not to tie it too tightly, especially at the root of the hair, so as to make the hair look fuller and more natural.

Tips: the top layer hair is used to cover the bun, so when grasping it, you should adjust it carefully according to the hair style you want, and then with the length of the hair after putting it away, so the effect will be natural!

Step 2: The Base of the Hair

Fix the bun with a U-clip, and put it directly outside the hair, because the hair on the surface will cover the bun later, but it is recommended that mm put the bun into the hair, especially the girl with flat back head or less hair, so that the hair on the back head can be more round and plump.

Tips: After the base is finished, let the hair on both sides of the cheek hang down naturally. At this time, you can adjust the length of the hair in front of the mirror.

Step 3: Make it Fluffy

The rest of the surface hair is scratched back and fluffy at the end of the hair with a comb with dense teeth, creating a fluffy effect, increasing the hair volume and adding a romantic feeling to the whole hair!

Tips: when you shave your hair back, it should be done from the bottom to the top, gently. Otherwise, it will damage the hair scales and even scratch the scalp!

Step 4: Finalize

Bob head is characterized by round line sense. So finally we need to use hair wax to slightly bend the loose hair tail inward and fix it. Which can not only create elegant lines of Bob head, but also make the loose hair shape more durable.

Tips: If you want the line to be more obvious. First use the electric rod to coil the hair tail, then loosen it properly, and then apply wax to fix the shape!

Midsummer is coming, hurry to change a more shiny fashion long bob hair style. Very thin face, fashionable and personalized, fresh and agile, hehe, in order not to let your long bob hair become single and tasteless, choose to make a little curl.