Do You Know What is Stamping Nail Art?

We must be familiar with the traditional types of manicure, but have you heard of staging polish nail? Today, let me give you a general introduction to the concept of staging nail art.

The principle of stamping nail art is very direct. It is so simple and rough to stamp on the nail. Moreover, easy to study, good operation, time saving, beautiful appearance, very suitable for beginners DIY.

If You Want to Do Stamping Nail

Stamping Nail Manicure has three basic props: nail polish, printing plate and stamp. Nail polish is responsible for color; printing plates are responsible for patterns; stamps are responsible for conveying patterns.

Stamp, Stamp, Stamp

First of all, the stamp head is generally made of silica gel, which has good elasticity and slight viscosity. When buying, it usually comes with a pick that removes excess nail polish. Some of them are credit card sizes, some are hand-held tools for front end stainless steel. At present, the whole body transparent stamp has become popular, because users can see the direction of the pattern from the back, so as to find the exact position on the nail.

Printing Plate

Then we will talk about the printing plate, which is usually made of stainless steel with different sizes, circles and squares. There are different patterns on one piece, which determine whether your DIY looks good or not. Some printing plates have flowers on one side and many with patterns on both sides. The depth and depth of each printing plate will be different. The novice proposes to buy the pattern deeper, so that the nail polish is slow, so we will have more time to transfer the patterns to the fingernails. If the pattern is shallow, the operation of the transmission will be fast, otherwise there will be a lot of cracks in the pattern, and the nail polish will not stick to the nail when it is dried.

Fast and Easy Operation

The operation of stamp nail art is really fast and convenient, and the 3 steps can be completed. The steps are: Nail Polish, Remove excess nail polish, Take out the pattern and stamp it.

How to Choose Stamping Polish

At last, let’s talk about nail polish. nail polish commonly used, such as OPI, China and Glaze, can be used as seal DIY. If you strive for perfection, you can try the special stamping polish, which is slower and better in color. But because it is several times thicker than the nail polish, it can not be applied directly to the nail, and only seals DIY. Quick drying nail polish and metallic nail polish are not recommended( A kind of Do the seal DIY, maybe you just put the design on the seal, they have already done it, it’s very annoying.