Do You Fall In Love With Lady’s Favorite “Fancy” Tattoo?

In this increasingly modern era, everyone is armed with black and white bodies. Every day with electronic technology, the wild green has not been touched for a long time. Gradually, the iron armor on the body becomes thicker and thicker, unwilling to reveal a trace of softness. In their eyes, there is only a black and white gray electronic screen. Slowly, they forget to see that green plants and red flowers.

Flowers, is the world of all things, the most delicate, no words, as long as the quiet standing in the world, like the beauty of a smile as moving. In the age of hard core, everyone has a flower of their own, which is a good moral and soft heart. It’s more like an agreement made with the self who loved nature when we were a child. We always keeps our love for everything and keeps a bunch of flowers in our heart. So, today I’d like to share with you a piece of tattoo material of flowers. Let’s all move forward can be with beauty!

Girls’ Exclusive Tattoo – Flower Tattoo

Now there is a “fancy” tattoo style, which makes tattoos more feminine. And this “flower style” tattoo is not cool and diversified, but really presents the form of flowers in the form of watercolor on the skin, with another special texture added a bit of artistic temperament. And in the consideration of tattoo girls, maybe we can learn from the charm of “fancy” tattoo!

Women Like Flowers, Flowers Like Women

As shown in the figure below, the tattoo of flower pattern can prick the texture like watercolor painting in different ways. Not only that, the delicate and slightly warped flowers are displayed on the skin in a large area. That will be very feminine.

Fresh And Refined Flower Tattoo

If you can’t accept a large area of tattoo, then present the tattoo on your wrist and ankle to form a hand foot accessory with texture beauty. Based on the lotus flower, it shows a fresh and refined temperament.

The Myriads Of Changes Flower Tattoo

Flower tattoos can exist alone, or they can be combined with a variety of patterns. For the flower pattern, it has always been the preferred element of female tattoo. If you add some of your own ideas into the flower pattern, coupled with careful modeling changes, you may be able to create a more colorful flower tattoo.