Diy Manicure At Home, Do You Always Do This Thing?

Yes, I have made several articles for you to teach you how to make your own manicure at home in this special period. The basic steps are easy to learn. In general, if you don’t have a high demand for your manicure, then this knowledge is enough. However, if you are a perfectionist, you must read today’s article, which will help you improve your manicure skills at home.

Many people smear nail polish when they apply to the area outside the nail cover. It’s a waste of time because you have to start over and the finished nail has an impact on the look. So today I will introduce to you: how do you apply nail polish to the outside? If nail polish is applied to the outside, what should we do? I have summed up a few points that can help you overcome this problem effectively.

These Steps Are Indispensable


Before applying nail polish, if you have a barbed edge or dry skin, you can first exfoliate, so that fingers can be more touching after applying nail polish.

Methods: soak your hands in warm water for about five minutes to soften the cutin on your hands, and then use tools to remove the barbs and hard cutin on the edge of your nails. Then apply the protective oil or vaseline that can protect the edge of the nail, and massage slightly.

Manicure Your Nails

Each person’s nail shape is different. If the nail shape is small, try not to trim it too short. Leaving some edges to be trimmed into ellipses, which will make the fingers appear slender. If the nail size is just right, you can choose flat head or ellipse according to your own preferences. But If the grooves on both sides of the nail are too deep, you should first cut off the nails on both sides with a beveled nail clipper.

Methods: to trim the nails, we should pay attention to the fine grinding of both sides of the nails and the round shape of the front end.

Apply Priming Oil

After you have trimmed your nails, you apply nail polish to your fingernails, which can reduce nail polish damage, prevent nails from becoming fragile and yellowing, and make the nail polish even more uniform.

Methods: from the middle to both ends, from the bottom of the nail to the outside. Apply a thin layer.

Apply Nail Polish

Here comes the point. After applying the base oil, wait for 1~2 minutes, then apply the nail polish. Note that when you apply nail polish, you usually need to apply 2 times. First, thinner. When the nail polish is fast drying, use the same method to smear it once.

Methods: Before you apply, shake the oil bottle from the middle of the nail, brush the nail brush to the position of the nail near the root. Both the round head brush and the flat head brush should be pressed gently so that the brush is fanned out, and the contact area with the nail is the largest, then sliding towards the nail tip direction. Then apply the two sides in turn.

Apply Protective Oil

After smearing nail polish, smear a layer of protective oil when the nail polish is solidified. It can make the nail polish surface more smooth and smooth, and also avoid nail polish fading. Especially the nail tip position, you can focus on daubing.

Methods: the way to protect the oil is the same as nail polish.

Swab Wipe

If the nail skin is stained with nail polish, you can wipe it with cotton swabs and wash it with cold water again. Methods: use a cotton swab with a sharp tip dipped in a small amount of nail washing water to wipe. You can also apply a layer of grease on the edge skin before wiping with a cotton swab. After wiping, clean with cold water to accelerate the drying of nails.

How Do We Apply Nail Polish To The Outside?

Don’T Worry About It

In general, nail polish can be covered with confusion on the finger skin. This time, many people will be flurried with a napkin to wipe it. When they rub, they will accidentally rub the painted nail polish on the flowers, so that they will all wash away and start painting again. Then they may get it again, and then they will become a dead circle process, and it will also consume a lot. Time. Therefore, in general, in the process of coating, if nail polish is to be put on hand, it is best not to rub it up and wash it behind.

It Can Be Washed with Soap

As it has been said above, there is no need to wipe during the process of painting. Because it can be washed out later. But many people just can’t wash it out, because the method is useless. In general, we will wait until the nail polish is fully coated and dried, and both inside and outside can be dried. When you wash it, you can’t wash it with water, because the nail polish is mainly organic, so it can be washed with soap. When the skin is not smooth, the nail polish on the skin can be washed away. Think about that the nail polish is smooth and the nail polish is intact.

You Can Slow It Down

Although the nail polish can be washed out in the process of coating, it will be troublesome to wash it later. There is no way to get it done once. It can be avoided. Usually in the process of painting, many people will worry about nail polish drying, will soon brush down. In fact, can slow down the brush, so that the entire nail is uniform and then slowly brush away. And then brush more than two can be done. As long as you are careful enough, you can avoid fingernail polish.