Different Types Of Toe Nails For Your Summer Look~

Now, many girls are eager to have a beautiful and moving manicure, but we don’t know that our feet can also make a fuss. Foot enhancement is not only suitable for summer, but also for winter. If you take off the thick shoes and socks and see the exquisite armour, is it also very warm and beautiful?!

Summer is coming! There are many times when you show your feet. Many girls will choose to do foot enhancement at this time. Choosing the shape and color of the enhancement will not only improve your overall aesthetic feeling, but also set off your feet very white!

Simple And Pure Color

Pured colors’ toe nails and finger nail enhancements are perfect for color matching. Dark color looks white, while light color looks fresh in summer. If you don’t like complicated patterns, choose a color you like to make a set of toenail enhancements you like.

Rural Small Fresh Style

When it comes to the countryside, of course, the pattern of small flowers is the main one! Compared with the cartoon style, this style is more suitable for a larger age span and has a large selection space.

Fashion Cool Foot Nail Art

In recent years, this kind of toenail contains cellophane, shell, mirror and gemstone. Exaggeration jump accessories embellishment, coupled with ingenious color, let everyone can’t help but look at a few more, this is the dish of personality.

Jelly Cartoon Pattern Toe Nails

This kind of Manicure design, simply pokes the lifeblood of cartoon fans! Super saturated jelly color, with playful patterns, collides with a sense of vision full of vitality. Isn’t fresh and bright the best match for summer?

Summer Feeling Toe Nails

When choosing summer manicure for yourself, as long as you avoid the style with heavy feeling, it will not make people feel against you. Similarly, even the current popular style, when you choose it, you should choose it according to your own characteristics, otherwise it may produce a counterproductive effect~