Cool Manicure Suitables For Summer. 50+ Short Square Nails Are So Beautiful!

Recently, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the maximum temperature can even reach more than 30 degrees. Summer is slowly coming to us. Should we welcome a new season with a new look.

I’m sure you’re ready for the new clothes for the summer. It’s not enough just for the new clothes. You can’t forget the small details like nails (which happens to be the bright spot). Today, let’s take a look at some cool manicures that are very suitable for summer. Take natural square manicures as an example.

In Summer, These Manicures Have Special Effects

It’s hot in summer. Everyone likes to blow the air conditioner to cool down, but what should we do outside? The answer is a cool manicure. A fresh manicure is always in front of you, it will bring you a cool feeling.

This Kind Of Manicure Is Highly Recommended!

Summer is more suitable for some transparent manicure, which will give a very clean and cool feeling. These enhancements are usually based on a translucent color and then painted on the nail. The patterns on the nails are all cute and simple. It’s neither monotonous nor messy.

Pure And Beautiful Nails

Have you found that solid color nail is also particularly suitable for this hot summer. For example, orange and light yellow contrast colors are just the exclusive colors in summer. Although they are solid color enhancements, you can choose whether they are matte or acrylic. They will not appear monotonous.

Choose These Colors Absolutely No Mistake

We recommend you to use blue, light pink, macarone or Morandi. The color will be very fresh. When you travel, you can make a manicure like this.

In Fact, We Should Choose The Type Of Manicure According To Our Daily Style

Do you feel that summer is the golden season of Manicure. Too many choices. I don’t know what type to do every time I go to the manicure shop. If you are very tangled, choose according to the rule I said. Girls with fancy clothes in summer can make solid or dark nails. If you are a girl with elegant clothes, make a beautiful and patterned manicure.