Collection Of Wing Tattoos, To The “Angels” Of “Broken Wings”!

If then let me choose the most popular tattoo pattern for men and women, then the wings must have a name! Wings as a very popular tattoo theme, it wins in its strong plasticity as a very popular tattoo theme.

In addition, when we design wings, we usually choose full and wide angel wings. On the one hand, the appearance of angel’s wings is very beautiful, on the other hand, it is because angel’s wings mean that people have the pure wings, and they will be happy.

You Are Only One Pair Of Wings Away From The Real Angel!

The most common type of angel wing tattoo is a simple side or a pair of wings. The color is generally black tone to the grain, so it looks solemn and sacred wings.In recent years, many fashionable young people will choose various colors to show their beautiful wings.

Little Wings, Big Wings

Girls prefer small tattoos. You can choose to tattoo a pair of small and simple wings. If you want to restore the angel wings, you can refer to these tattoos on the whole wing on the back. However, please note that a large area of wing tattoo is still a high demand for the tattooist’s technology. The trend of feathers and the sense of richness all test the level of tattooists.

Wings Are One Of The Best Ways To Cover Scar Tattoos

Tattoo covering scars is a kind of tattoo that many people will be asked about. To be honest, the requirements for the stabbing workers are not as high as you think. Scar parts are often delicate and easy to color. It is recommended that you have a wing tattoo as a cover. Because the wing tattoo can be adjusted according to the size of your scar, it is not suitable for beautiful and useful decoration.

In Fact, All Kinds Of Wings Are Beautiful

The opposite of the angel is the devil. The devil wing tattoo is more and more favored by girls who pursue different personalities. There are also many birds with beautiful wings, which are also the best choice for wing tattoos.