40 Best fall nail colors and October nails 2021

    Best fall nail colors: With so many nail polishes to choose from, it is a challenge for women to choose the most beautiful autumn nail polish color. Autumn nails are usually very low-key; the color is excellent, subtle, and dark. Such nails look beautiful, perfect, and stylish. From copper orange to dark brown to burgundy, you can try several popular color ideas in September, October, and November. To inspire your design and style, look at the best nail colors in autumn that will enhance your nails. If you want to add some spice, these fall nail trends will ensure that your new nails will pop with the perfect nail polish.…

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    35 Halloween Ghost Nails For Girls On October To Show!

    Halloween is coming, the halloween ghost nails are trendy. If you are a nail art lover then obviously your eyes are fixed upon the latest nail art fashion. As the air of Halloween is blowing and people are gearing up for the event. How can halloween ghost nails be taken aback? Celebrate Halloween like never before and get the shape of Halloween from head to toe. We’ve had a browse on Instagram and rounded up our halloween ghost nails to give you some inspo for your next DIY attempt or appointment. We apologise in advance because you might struggle to choose just one, everyone has nailed it…


    Red Acrylic Nails: 30 Creative Fall Nail Designs to Inspire You

    Red acrylic nails are the ultimate chameleon. Red has many different nail designs. It is traditional and fashionable, naive and dangerous. You might love the black nail design on Friday night, but isn't Sunday brunch a little bit? Classic and natural nail ideas look great with your work clothes, but aren't they a bit boring on Saturday? Over the years, new red acrylic nails have been created and now you can choose from a variety of different hues, from classic reds to dark and edgy colors. Not only does red look stylish, but it can also be used to create stylish nail art. We love red nails and know you…


    29 Hottest Short almond acrylic nails you’ll flip in 2021

    Almonds acrylic nails are one of the most popular nail shapes today for a simple reason. The almond shape resembles the nut of the same name, elegant, delicate, and fashionable. Therefore, it is no wonder that more and more women choose short almond nails. So, if you select almond-shaped nails, it's time to show it. We already have a hottest design for this work. These stunning short almond nail art ideas will bring fashion to your fingertips, from bright and bold patterns to chic and simple tones.


    Trendy Fall nail colors 2021 to inspire your autumn nail designs

    Today we have selected some of the best Fall nail colors 2021 for you. Considering the cold season, you can safely plan a mix of black, bright red, or navy for fall nail color. However, if you want to follow the trend, you can use brighter colors when painting. It's all about picking out the less common hues from the actual title and updating them with new colors. Therefore, we will present the best fall nail colors to take your nail game to the next level.