Always to be sunshine and happy girl. To be brave, try something new that you’ve never done before. To be kind, help the homeless little animals to have a warm home. Most importantly, be nice with yourself, do things more that makes feel happy. Make your daily life to be colorful in the first step. Change from yourself, now, from your nails. To live an amazing life begins with bright nails. Life needs to be new things, especially beautiful things, don’t make your life stay the same all the time. Which is boring a lot? Be passionate, like summer, like fire, to shine to bright up. The gradually changing color…

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    75 Trendy Natural short square nails design to light up your summer days

    New fashion short square nails design come again this summer! Natural short sqaure nail is always on my top list for manicure. And I love sqaure nails more thn any other types! Meanwhile, there're many types to chosse from, such matte short sqaure nails , shiny square nails, flower short nails, pink square nail.....Do not worry , I've collected more than 70 beautiful natural short square nails for you!


    40 Beautiful short almond nails design for hot Summer nails

    Summer is right here with hot weather. And our nails fashion has changed by time. There's no doubt short almond nails get more attention among fashion icon these days. Short almond nails design has many types ,such as natural short almond nails, acrylic nails, matte short almond nails, flower almond nails.......We've collected more 40 types of short almond nails for you below, come and choose one you like.


    2020 Summer Manicure: Long Nails Recommend!

    The hand is a woman's second face. If we say "beauty is a woman's nature", then when beauty loving girls express their nature, it's not only simple to dress up, but also more unique if this nature is embodied in manicure! Manicure is more than just the beauty of coloring nails. In a sense, it also has the function of purifying the mind, relaxing the mood, and giving women self-confidence, which is the beauty of the inner mind.


    Three-Dimensional Manicure Shape, Come And Create Your Own 3D Coffin Nails

    tereoscopic nail art is 3D nail art. In modern society, everyone has gradually become accustomed to the existence of 3D things. The 3D sense has a great visual impact on people, it is real and virtual, and the stereo can be flat. It is commonly used in this society nowadays, film and television, animation, games, cars, airplanes, furniture…nowhere in life. Have you ever seen a 3D nail art? Today I will take you into the new world and let the 3D nail art bring you different surprises.


    40+ Different Colors of Daisy Enhancement, Simple is Beautiful~

    Daisy represents pure beauty, innocence, childishness, happiness, peace and hope, as well as "deep love". It is like a pure and naive shy girl. Although she is not the kind of woman who will attract people's attention immediately, but the more carefully you look, the more you can find her beauty and advantages. In mythology, she was transformed from the forest spirit villegis. When villegis had a good time with her lover, she was discovered by the God of the orchard, so she became a daisy after being chased.


    Beautiful Flower Long Coffin Nails Art Designs In Summer 2020

    In the past two years, manicure has become a new fashion favorite of girls. It can not only highlight personality, but also make nails look beautiful and atmospheric. It can even cover dark nails with clothes. Some girls want to do it but are afraid of being dark or old-fashioned. I believe that the following manicure must have the one suitable for you. Take it to your manicurist !


    Diy Manicure At Home, Do You Always Do This Thing?

    Yes, I have made several articles for you to teach you how to make your own manicure at home in this special period. The basic steps are easy to learn. In general, if you don't have a high demand for your manicure, then this knowledge is enough. However, if you are a perfectionist, you must read today's article, which will help you improve your manicure skills at home.


    40+ Yellow Coffin Nails For Long Acrylic Nails

    Summer is the hottest season for girls to dress their nails. Today, continue to recommend more than 40 kinds of yellow coffin manicures for you, to ensure that you can feast your eyes. Manicure has always been popular with women of all ages. Who doesn't want to be able to show his unique fingertip charm with a single hand? However, traditional methods of Manicure always cause some damage to nails, and are not very friendly to some women who need to do housework. So, is there a beautiful and healthy way of Manicure?