The Latest Beautiful Wedding Makeup Face In 2020

    The most important moment in a woman's life must be a wedding. The wedding symbolizes the transformation of a woman and the birth of a family. Every girl wants to leave the best mark on this important day. For girls, a perfect and generous makeup can give them the greatest confidence on the wedding day. So, what exactly is the bride's makeup?


    How To Paint Cute Makeup? Only In This Way Can Make You Full of Young Girl Style!

    Who says loveliness is not worth mentioning? I don't know if you have the same feeling with me. Anyway, I like to dress younger and younger as I get older. I hope I look younger and better no matter how I dress or how I make up. So today, I'm going to teach you how to paint invincible and lovely make-up. Let's all go back to the age of 18 ~ of course, girls in their teens are more suitable for these lovely make-up! No matter which girl is praised: you are lovely! No one will feel unhappy, lovely is like a girl's spiritual food all her life. As long…


    Beautiful Flower Long Coffin Nails Art Designs In Summer 2020

    In the past two years, manicure has become a new fashion favorite of girls. It can not only highlight personality, but also make nails look beautiful and atmospheric. It can even cover dark nails with clothes. Some girls want to do it but are afraid of being dark or old-fashioned. I believe that the following manicure must have the one suitable for you. Take it to your manicurist !


    Types And Painting Methods Of Smoky Eye Makeup

    Smoky make-up belongs to one of the ways of make-up. Smokey eye make-up quite distinct from each other's eye and eye shadow, and it is covered by the eye socket. Because we can't see the trace between colors, which is like smoke, and often with black gray as the main color, it looks like the trace of charcoal smoke, so it is called smoke makeup.


    Natural Golden eyeshadow makeup tutorial for girls

    Eyeshadow is used by many people in the makeup process, but when it's time to feel the brightness, you have to look at a golden eye shadow painting method. Let's see how people use golden eye shadow cream to create attractive sequins. Through the use of different texture, different components of gold color make-up, golden eye shadow painting to teach you to make simple makeup, cute sequins eye makeup, all the time. It's so shiny and charming.


    Want To Shine At The Party? A Set Of Perfect Makeup Is Indispensable

    As a social youth, I believe that the company party, friends party, students party A party is a must. The feast with beautiful women is actually a battle for "party Queen". In order to win, besides the fashionable and creative clothes, the eye-catching beautiful makeup is also the key. Every girl in the party tries her best to be the focus of the party. However, if you don't master the key point of Party makeup and make a little mistake, you will lose your hand with the queen.


    When Red Stars Are Painting Freckles, Where Is The Beauty?

    At one time, freckles were thought to be ugly. Many girls born with freckles would try to hide their freckles. But girls, things are different now. If you are a freckle girl, you will be very popular. Don't believe it? Look at the freckles make up looks that girls are trying to imitate in the past two years. The most obvious performance is in the entertainment circle. Many fashion models of stars will draw freckles in order to pursue their unique style. They look cute and at the same time appear fashionable and rebellious. Freckles make-up can create a fashion atmosphere of ghost horse, domineering or cute, or retro elegant.


    Wild Eyebrows Are Popular This Summer. It’ s Super Natural!

    Are you still drawing the old willow leaf eyebrows? Fine eyebrows are all drawn by people of my mother's generation! Now fashionable people are drawing wild eyebrows! Wild eyebrow is a very popular eyebrow type this year. It looks very natural. As we all know, the makeup of bloggers and stars is very heavy, especially the eye makeup. But recently, everyone has been popular to draw natural wild eyebrows, no matter how many eyebrows are made up, they have a clear root effect.


    How To Make Up Perfect Lips?

    Lipstick is a weapon for beautiful women, it can make lips more plump and sexy. No matter if you like fiery red lips, charming dark purple or playful pink and natural nude colors, you need to apply it properly. This is definitely not like opening the cover with a watercolor pen and messing with it. This article will teach you how to draw Beautiful and sexy lips.