Beautiful Ladies’ Favorite Nude Beauty Nails! Don’t Tell Me You Haven’t Tried!

I believe that as a working girl, there is a risk of being criticized by the leadership if she is too pompous. But as a non manicure will die star person, the light armour is completely unacceptable! Then what shall we do?

If your company is strict about wearing rules, then the nude color nail is the best choice for you! For close look it can improve hand fineness, and about far look? Your immediate boss can’t see it!

Elegant Feminine Manicure – Nude Nail

If you don’t like fancy enhancements, try a nude one! It will definitely be generous and decent, and at the same time, it can fully explain the beauty! No matter in which season, nude manicure is loved by many people. Its lightness and elegance, classic and texture will always inadvertently let you show a unique feminine flavor.

Nude Manicure, Low-Key Luxury

Nude color system of the nail, in the color will not appear very exaggerated, showing a more natural state, so there will not be a sudden feeling. Some girls may think that nude manicure is too low-key and has no bright spot. In fact, there are a lot of exquisite styles in nude enhancements, which will not appear low-key at all, and will make you amazing.

Pure Nude Manicure is The First Choice For Women In The Workplace

We usually compare the common nude color manicure, generally is the solid color practice, effect is relatively simple and fresh. In fact, pure nude color also has a fashion sense. It can be matched with other color manicure modeling, or small water drill, so as to increase the highlight of the fingertip and not appear monotonous.

Nude Color Is Not Just A Color

Nude color is just a category of colors, and styles are unlimited, so nude color can also make various styles of manicures, such as stick drill, gradient, dry flower and other popular styles, and nude color can also be done. In this way, your nude manicure will not be monotonous at all

Transparent Nude Armor Is Very Suitable For Summer

Nude color can also be divided into transparent color and opaque color. Opaque color has strong expressive force, which can fully show the natural color of nail oil. Transparent or translucent color will be more flexible and have a jelly like luster. The former can show a stable and generous feeling, while the latter will be more lovely and playful.