A Hairstyle Everyone Wants To Try In 2020-Slick Back Hair

As a hair style that has been popular among men for hundreds of years, the confidence and charm brought by the slick back is beyond doubt. But is this really a male only hairstyle? No, the girl combs the slick back hair to also be the same aggressive and capable, very suitable!

You can refer to the latest red carpet style of Hollywood stars. Most of the female stars choose the slick back as the red carpet hair style, which shows its unique charm. In fact, not only stars can comb their slick backs, but ordinary girls can also create a powerful big back.

Women’S Slick Back Hairstyle

There are many styles of hairstyles with big backs. It can be divided or combed completely; wet hair is very neat, dry hair is natural; long hair can be short hair can also be made. There’s no need to worry about finding a favorite.

Slick Back Hair Design

Let’S Take A Look At How To Make A Slick Back Hair

  1. Before combing the big back, the hair needs to be slightly wet. Then, use the comb to comb the hair back, and the hair on both sides of the ear should also be combed to the back of the ear. At the same time, use the nozzle blower to dry the hair. Both should be carried out at the same time!
  2. Then use the electric splint to clamp the hair at the back of the head. If you want the hair at the front of the forehead to be smooth and neat, use the electric splint to clamp it. If you want to be fluffy, you can use the comb to beat or roll it along the root of the hair.
  3. Finally, use a small amount of hair oil to touch down the hair, and then gently grasp a few times!

Long and Short Back Fit For All

Of course, if you need to go to some party, slick back long hair with makeup and the dress are perfect. Gorgeous and domineering. So usually, girls with medium hair and short hair are very suitable for slick back made. Even if they don’t have a very strong makeup, they can always make it.

Are You Suitable Back Hair?

It should be noted that because the hair of big back is completely combed back, the facial features and face shape are all exposed in front of people. It can highlight the delicacy of the facial features well. But at the same time, there is no other hair style to modify the facial features. So that the advantages and disadvantages are magnified. Therefore, the face is too fat, too big, forehead is not full or hair line is too high girls to choose carefully!