The Latest Beautiful Wedding Makeup Face In 2020

The most important moment in a woman’s life must be a wedding. The wedding symbolizes the transformation of a woman and the birth of a family. Every girl wants to leave the best mark on this important day. For girls, a perfect and generous makeup can give them the greatest confidence on the wedding day. So, what exactly is the bride’s makeup?

The main feature of bridal makeup is festive. The shape of the makeup is round and soft, gorgeous but not charming, fully reflecting the femininity of women. Make-up should be bright and charming, elegant and delicate, natural and soft. The colors used are mainly warm and warm. The bride’s makeup must be beautiful and charming, but not too whitewashed, but to give people a natural beauty, healthy beauty, dignified beauty. Since the bride has many activities at the wedding, the time will be longer, and she will be more tired. Therefore, it is recommended to use makeup to maintain a good skin condition.

Wedding Makeup Methods:

Cleansing: Use makeup remover and facial cleanser to thoroughly clean the face.

Skin Care: Spray astringent lotion to bounce the entire face and neck to make the skin absorb. Apply nutrition cream or milk, simple skin massage, accelerate blood circulation, enhance the affinity of cosmetics and skin.

Eyebrow trimming: The bride should trim her eyebrows a few days ago. If there is no trimming, use a razor instead of an eyebrow clip to avoid local irritation.

Concealer: Apply concealer or skin cream to cover skin defects and adjust skin tone.


The foundation should not be applied too thick, too thick will appear deformed. The bride’s skin is white, the foundation is light pink, the bride’s skin is dark, the foundation is light brown, and the color is darker. In use, the foundation and the skin are combined by tapping the tablet, and all the exposed areas connected to the face are evenly coated.

Applying powder: covering the foundation of the foundation, the powder should be even and meticulous, and use the paint brush to remove the floating powder.

Eyebrow: Use brush to dip gray or brown eye shadow powder to paint out the basic shape, then use brown eyebrow pencil or black eyebrow pencil to paint the eyebrow shape, the eyebrow brush will be smudged by the color, the eyebrow color should not be too thick.

Nasal silhouette: according to the shape of the face and nose need to be painted, the color blooming should be coordinated.

Eyeshadow: Of course, if you want to create beautiful and attractive eye makeup, the choice of color is also very important. You can choose shades of shades to match each other. And use shades of contrasting shades to add a three-dimensional effect to your eyes. After the overall eye makeup is finished, use light-colored eyeshadows containing pearl or shine to lightly apply on the protruding brow bones to increase the overall eye contour.

Eyeliner: The upper eyeliner should be drawn along the root of the eyelashes, and the lower eyeliner should be drawn from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner of the eye. The eye pencil needs to be light and thin, not too much. At the tip of the eyes, draw more points and move upwards slightly to increase the charm. The color can be dark brown or black.


The bride’s rouge should not be thick and dazzling, and the dyeing is soft and natural. The rouge is applied to the cheekbones and gently rubbed onto the ears. It is best to use ointment and rouge powder. When wearing a white wedding dress, choose coral red. When wearing a pink wedding dress, choose pink blush.

Lip Painting:

First gently rub lips with lip balm, then apply lip gloss. After applying lipstick, use a sterile paper towel to absorb the floating color on the lips, apply a little transparent powder, and then apply a layer of lipstick to make the lips moist and durable. Lipstick should use bright red series, such as pink, rose red, peach and so on.

Set makeup: Bridal makeup must be a clear layer of powder makeup to make makeup last long and fresh.

Manicure: Use nail clippers to trim your nails and then apply nail polish. The color of the nails must match the lipstick. If you use pink lipstick, use pink nail polish.

In Conclusion

Wedding makeup is mainly the modification of eyes and lips. The eyes are mainly painted with earth tones and deep, and the lips are mainly natural and sexy. Do the following 2 points and your wedding makeup will be flawless. 1. Requirements: Strong three-dimensional sense. 2. Features: Eyes are deep hooked, eye shadow and eyeliner are exaggerated.

Note that the characteristics of each bride’s appearance are different, and the skin color is also different. Therefore, the most safe way is to ask a professional makeup artist to try to draw a few bridal makeup for you before the wedding is officially held, choose the most suitable one, and then optimize the processing. After these steps, ensure that your makeup is impeccable.