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75 Trendy Natural short square nails design to light up your summer days

New fashion short square nails design come again this summer! Natural short square nail is always on my top list for a manicure. And I love square nails more than any other type! Meanwhile, there’re many types to choose from, such as matte short square nails, shiny square nails, flower short nails, pink square nail…..Do not worry, I’ve collected more than 70 beautiful natural short square nails for you!

For girls with short fingernails like this, it is also very beautiful to make short fingernails. In fact, short fingernails are more convenient and neat in life, and they won’t be afraid of problems such as scraping or breaking nails, for those hardworking girls, long fingernails are indeed more cumbersome.

It looks like the cat’s eye Armor. It looks good on round nails, but it will be more three-dimensional as if it is really inlaid with cat’s eye gems on nails, which will make fingertips more fashionable!

Cute painting on nails design

Cute colored painting is also a super summer! Originally Yuanyuan’s fingernails suddenly became the focus. No matter it was work, playing mobile phones or eating snacks, she couldn’t help watching more.

Irregular dizzy dyeing is very high-end and classy ~ whether it is a cold color or short color, it is very eye-catching, and this length is just right, it will not affect life and work.

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