50 Tiny Finger Tattoo Designs For Women

Tatoo is a popular existence for that person who wants express themselves or show their personality all the time. At past,Large areas of tattoos on the body are loved, almost everyone can see the it. But now more and more young poeple like small tattoo at their arms and fingers.

Tiny finger tattoo is diffeent from body tattoo, it’s more simple, but for young girls,it’s can be more acceptable too. If a large-area tattoo is a belief, like a piece of clothing, then a tiny finger tattoo is a promise, like a delicate and individual piece of jewelry, a simple pattern, and an exaggerated beauty that reflects the restrained personality side.

The First Choose Of Finger Tattoo

Generally speaking, finger tattoos are suitable for simple patterns, because firstly, tattooing on the fingers will be more painful. Secondly, the tattoos on the fingers may be slightly detached due to the sweaty constitution and frequent hand washing. So a simple tiny finger tattoo is easier to maintain.

Alphabet Finger Tattoo

Some people like to use tattoos to encourage themselves or remember some people and things, so they will choose to have some representative letters or words or number on their fingers.

words tiny finger tattoo

Small Pattern Finger Tattoos

Some patterns, such as heart-shaped patterns, eye patterns, and smiley patterns, are all suitable for marking on fingers.

eyes finger tattoo
heart finger tattoo

Special Pattern Tatoos

Also the pattern like flowers,leaves,spider,sun and moon these natural elements equally popular

flower tiny finger tattoo
snack pattern finger tattoo
rabbit pattern tattoo

So Many Designs You Can Make

In pursuit of complex totems, you can choose from the following designs.Of course, if you are afraid of pain, you are advised to give up.

dancing small people finger tattoo

Tatoo By Side Is Nice

Tattooing on the side of your finger or choosing a polka-dot-like tattoo is also special enough. But before you make tiny finger tattoo, hope you can think clearly, like you lovers’ name,maybe later you don’t want see it again.