50 Subtle Layers Hairstyle For Long Hair Girl

As we all know, girls love to have long hair. However, the long hair over the shoulder is very feminine, but at the same time it is not so easy to take care of. In 2020, don’t think that long hair is still the same boring style.

In fact, long hair with a sense of hierarchy will look very good, especially the layers hidden in the hair style, which can make the hair look fuller and more volume, but will not make people feel finely broken.

Layered Long Hair With Curl

A long head of hair is trimmed out of layers, and the perfect shape is half done. So what is the other half? It’s curly hair. A proper curl creates a perfect long hair look with a perfect arrangement. But the natural volume still needs to take a little time to build every day.

Essential Tool: Hair Curler

If you want a big, fluffy curl, use a curler with a larger cylinder; if you want a smaller, tighter curler, use a curler with a smaller cylinder, no matter what specification, try to use a ceramic curler, which has higher heat than the ordinary curler, and the curler can last longer.

How To Use Curler

Starting from the perm of the hair on the forehead, wrap the part about 5cm from the end of the hair around the cylinder of the curler, completely wrap it up, with the curler facing up, stay for three seconds, then take away the curler, and fix the curler with a clip.

Please Note:

  • Don’t let your hair touch the curler too long, because too much heat will burn your hair.
  • If you have bangs, curl them apart from the rest of your hair.

Finishing With Finalized Spray

Spray with a fixed spray. When all the hair rolls are clamps on the head, spray them with spray. If you want to set the whole day, spray a large dose of spray; if you want to loose some natural curls, spray less.