50+ Simple But Fashionable Ballet Manicures, Let’s Have A Try

Ballerina nails, a popular new nail shape in La since 2014, is now commonly known as “coffin nails”. The nail enhancement of this type of nail, compared with the sharp type, is more gentle. The solid color painting is good-looking, and the matte and frosted one is more advanced.

This summer, “ballet manicure” is still popular. Its nail shape is the same as that of ballet dancers’ dancing shoes. Manicure is elegant in form and simple in color. Let’s try it quickly!

Do You Know How To Remove Armor At Home?

Maybe because of the virus, everyone has to stay at home, but the previous manicure has grown too long, so we have to deal with it. Previous articles also popularized the harmfulness of not building a manicure for a long time. So today I will show you how to dismount at home.

First of all, you should prepare a bottle of professional nail remover, as well as orange stick, nutritional oil, nail remover and other supplies (all can be purchased online).

A Tutorial On Removing Manicure

Step 1: prepare professional glue remover for use.
Step 2: dip the diagonal end of the orange stick in the release agent, as shown in the figure

Step 3: apply the glue remover around the nail piece and inside the nail with an orange stick
Step 4: wait for a while and then use the orange stick to slowly remove the nail piece from the side.

Step 5: after removing the nail, there will still be glue residue around the nail. You can use nail washing water or nail remover to remove it.
Step 6: then you need to use some nutrition oil to care for the skin and nails around your nails~

Nail removal

Preparation tools: sand bar, dust brush, tweezers, small steel push, sponge file, polishing bar, tin paper, cotton, nail remover, nutrient oil

Steps of Armour Removal:

Step 1 grinding: use a fine sand bar to slightly polish the nail surface in the order of side face side.
Step 2 cleaning: clean the nail surface with a dust brush. Effect of polished nail surface: the nail surface must be full of marks, but the color shall not be removed
Step 3: wrap the nail remover: cut the appropriate size of tin paper; take enough nail remover to cotton; cover the cotton on the nail surface with forceps;
Step 4 package: use tin paper to pad under the nail; pay attention to sealing; and wrap the cotton; wait for 5-10 minutes, we will take off the nail remover as a whole.

It’s About To Be Finished

Step 5 remove the armour removing package: use a small steel push to gently remove the softened glue, pay attention to gently push, otherwise it will damage the armour surface.
Step 6 use a sponge file to grind off the remaining glue and polish the nail surface.
Step 7 clean the nail surface: use a dust brush to clean the nail surface.
Step 8 polishing: use the polishing strip to polish the surface a, first use the rough surface to polish gently, and then use the thin surface.
Step 9 apply nutrition oil: apply nutrition oil to the nail edge and massage until absorbed