50 Short Gel Square Nails For You

We often see other girls around to do good-looking nail art, but our nails don’t stay long, and can’t find a suitable long nail style. I believe these girls have the same concerns: Can short nails make nail art look good? Today, I am going to give you some nail styles suitable for short square nails. Don’t have any confidence in your nails!

I think the short squarenails is the type of manicure that can highlight the beauty of the nail itself. The short square gel nail is too much styles, it’s very suitable for young women’s characteristics, it is worth trying.

Choose Rightly Is Important

The long square manicure is generally suitable for people with long nail bed, and this kind of Manicure generally requires high shape of the opponent. If your hand is not particularly long and thin, you can choose this slightly short square nail, which looks less curved and more gentle.

About The Election

The short square nails should not choose that kind of particularly complicated and fancy style. Originally, the short surface of the armour was small, and it was too reluctant to put eight stars and eight arrows into it. The color is simple, but the unique design of manicure is the first choice.

Soft Gel Short Square Nail

Short square nails with baby pink, bean sand color and other gentle full of color. This style makes you full of femininity, and can greatly enhance your affinity. For women who have already worked, this kind of short square nail is the most suitable manicure style.

Cartoon Color Nails

Short nails generally don’t look as glamorous as long nails. If the square short manicure is matched with the lovely cartoon style, it will not only be youthful but also full of vitality.

Remember This Rule

In fact, short nail is not a disadvantage, but the nail surface is relatively small, so we must choose a simple design when making nails. Remember the manicure rule of this short nail, you can feel free to try different styles with different colors.