50 Purple Nails: Spend Spring With Them!

Purple is a very fairy color. When we talk about purple, we can think of adjectives like mystery, temperament and gentleness. In recent years, because of the popularity of purple things, many girls will choose purple as the style of manicure. In fact, in any season to choose a purple series of manicure, will not appear outdated, because it is a non seasonal color.

As a delicate girl, even if she is isolated at home now, she should dress herself beautifully. At this time, you need a new manicure. To be honest, it’s really necessary to try purple manicure once!

Feminine Deep Purple

Due to different shades of color, the purple enhancement still presents different feelings. Deep purple nails are generally mature and feminine, especially when paired with almond shaped nails for example. If you are a mature style, you can choose the flower pattern of deep purple manicure.

Lilac color

The lavender like taro purple is a popular choice for girls every spring and summer. Because it can be matched with light colors, such as white, it will be very refreshing; it can also be combined with bright colors, and the feeling of gorgeous. So the girl who makes konjac purple manicure must match with other colors to make jump color style, which will surprise you.

Purple Is Very Inclusive

Pure purple nail polish, even with exaggerated bit of drill will not exaggerate. The reason is that purple is so special that it can perfectly digest all kinds of exaggerated accessories and nail shape.

Halo dye Manicure

Purple halo dye manicure is also very beautiful, which is very suitable for the romantic season of spring and summer.

Early Summer Really Needs a Purple Manicure

The purple nail with cat’s eye and bright face, even if you are in sports style, it is easy to match. If want to be a all purple style someday , then the light face purple enhancement will be the best choice.