50 Oval Nail Styles, Super Slender Fingers!

We should all know that the correct selection of nails is the most basic and important step in creating nail art. Oval nails are relatively long and need your nails to be longer than one-third of the nail bed. No matter how thick, wide, or short your hands are, you can create them well.

Oval armor is a traditional armor type. The natural arc shape is very elegant and can play a role of contraction and extension from the visual. Here are some special oval nail styles, so which one you like better?

Elegant Oval Nails

The nails are oval in shape from the center to the sides, which is the most elegant nail shape. Oval nails are suitable for the people with large nails.

Not Difficult To Beginner

Oval nails are the most suitable for DIY at home. Trim method:

  1. Grind the nails from both ends to the middle, and polish the symmetrical horizontal shapes on both sides.
  2. Continue to polish from the edge of the nail to the center, and the sides are oval to the middle.

Oval Nails With Transparency

Oval nails made from acrylic nail glue, the nails look very transparent. Such nail art will be very popular in the coming spring and summer.

Matte Oval Nail Style

The matte nail polish is really suitable for all nail manicure types. It is no surprise that it matches perfectly with oval nails. This spring and summer, you must try frosted nail art because it’s so beautiful.

Wow,So Nice Picture

Everyone worked hard for several hours to make the nail art, the finished product is so beautiful, of course, you have to take pictures to show off. But how can you get the maximum beauty of your nails? The background color should match the nail shape. For example, if the nail is the main color of yellow, then the background color can be white or sky blue. Do not match colors that are too close to the color of the nails, as this will obscure the shape of the nails.