50+ New School Tattoo Designs For Women

I have analyzed the old school tattoo in detail before. Today I will introduce the new school tattoo. New school tattoos can be interpreted as “European and American new style tattoos”

As the continuation of old school, new school tattoo keeps the setting of black outline, but the lines begin to show rich thickness changes and rhythm. The colors are also solid, gradual, approximate and complementary, which form a striking visual impact.

Inheritance and Difference

Heritage Essence

New school continues the cartoon, beauty, seaman, swallow, character and hippie elements in the old style. But the new style added the elements of modern painting. For example, cartoon games, street graffiti and other exaggerated elements, but also dogs, mummy and other daily elements.

Obvious Change of Line

As we mentioned in the old school chapter, the lines of old school are thick, and the thickness of each line is similar. When it comes to new school, the obvious change is that there are at least two kinds of thick and thin lines in a tattoo. The classic is “the outer line is thick, the inner line is thin”.

These “inner lines” in the new school tattoo are usually used to express the structure of things.

With the development of painting technology, people realize that the drawing method of adding fine structure lines is more expressive: more lines make the picture look richer; it can highlight the three-dimensional sense when it is just drawn on the turning surface or the light dark junction line of things; at the same time, it can be compared with the thicker outline lines.

New school is the junior of American Tattoo. Although the history is short, the scope of communication is as broad as the audience and old school! Because of its variability, it provides more space for tattooists to play.

Tattoo Types Advancing With The Times

Up to now, new school tattoo has evolved into more detailed branches.
Different tattooists also have different styles, such as the common black and white style, which is also popular among young people.

How To Distinguish The Quality Of Tattoos

A good new school does not have redundant thin lines. Each line is reasonable and accurate, and can show structure or light and shadow. Such a picture is very clean.