50 Manicures Fresh as Orange juice

The pace of summer is getting closer and closer. When it comes to the representative colors of summer, the vibrant orange will certainly not be absent. Imagine taking a vacation by the sea, bathing in orange sunshine and drinking orange juice. Is there something missing?

For girls, summer is a good time to show your nails. Orange nails can bring infinite vitality to your nails. It’s not only a hot summer look, but also a highlight!

Orange Nail Whitening

In summer, girls love to use orange eye shadow, lipstick and other cosmetics. That’s because orange makes people look very popular in the summer sun. It’s very energetic, like an orange full of vitamin C.

Join Fruits and Vegetables

Active orange manicure can be combined with the pattern elements of fruits and vegetables (carrots, pineapples,strawberry etc.) in summer season, which will be very lovely.

Color Matching

Just like match orange clothes in summer, we used to combinate white,black colors. So it still suitable for maincure colormatching. But except these colors,i recommmed like yellow,gold colors to match. You will be surprise.

These Kinds Of Orange Should Be Your First Choice In Summer

Like orange, carrot orange color should be the best choice for your summer manicure. The vitality in their color is more abundant than other oranges. Then the deeper orange is suitable for autumn, just like the maple leaf orange, very suitable for autumn.