50+ Galaxy Tattoos Take You To The Vastness Of The Universe

The galaxy tattoo (also know as star tattoo) is nothing new. But it’s one of the most popular tattoo elements in 2020. Over the years, artists from all over the world have been elaborating on the galaxy pattern, which makes it a more amazing design, which also pushes the Galaxy series tattoo works to a new height.

The galaxy tattoo uses tattoo ink to present a large number of star clusters, nebulae and various types of interstellar gas and dust. People with Star Tattoos must also be very romantic or like the vast universe.

Will Tattoos Hurt?

There is a question that novice tattoos love to ask: does tattoo hurt? This is really the question I hate to answer. Tattoos, don’t you think they hurt? Secondly, I hate to ask if I can apply anesthetics. It is emphasized here that no regular tattoo shop will allow the existence of anesthetics, not only because anesthetics erase part of the meaning of tattoos, but also because anesthetics will seriously affect the effect of tattoos.

The Pain Of Tattoo Is Related To The Part

The parts of the limbs are relatively painful, followed by the wrists, ankles, the back, the back of the neck and other parts, all belong to the position of “just like that, are you ok?”. In addition, the body is more positive pain.

It should be noted that there is a lot of pain around the lymphoid tissue, such as the front of the neck and armpit, the skin is thin, it is difficult to color, and the maintenance is also a little bit more troublesome than the general parts, which are rarely considered in the general tattoo.

The Pain Of Tattoo Is Related To The Length Of Tattoo

At the beginning of the tattoo, the first hour will feel like a paper cut into the skin a millimeter deep. As time goes by, the pain will increase to the feeling of cutting the skin with a blade in the fifth hour. The function of pain accumulation in this process can be thought of as an exponential function image.

The Pain Is Also Related To Everyone’s Mental State

Before tattooing, make sure you don’t have an empty stomach. The operation of the digestive system can distract your nerves and provide you with the strength to keep going. Relax the day before the tattoo, ensure sleep, if the body is empty, even if the tattoo is successfully completed, you will feel like a dead fish with scales scraped.