50 Exquisite Headpiece For Beautiful Bride

Wedding modeling focus, in addition to wedding dress, shoes and makeup, headpiece is also very important. Now many brides to be will purchase their own wedding headpiece to match the wedding dress. Bridal headpiece is the most important part which affects the whole beauty of the bride except the wedding dress.

Traditionally,crown usually paire with wedding veils. But with the continuous innovation and refinement of wedding headpiece designs, more and more special styles have begun to attract the bride’s attention. Today I will organize some beautiful and fairy wedding headpiece, hope can help you amazing four at the wedding!

Princess Crown

Most girls have a princess or queen dream in their hearts, so the crown headpiece has become the first choice for girls at weddings. Because the crown itself comes with aristocratic elegance and a strong sense of ceremony. That is more suitable for dignified, elegant and atmospheric wedding dresses, such as big tail wedding dresses.

Flower Shape Hair Accessories

True Flowers Headpiece: For the small fresh and bohemian wedding dresses in the Sen department, the true flower accessory is very suitable.

Artificial Head Flower Headpiece: Although artificial head flowers are not as fresh as true flowers, they have a more distinguished atmosphere. They do not need to be as difficult to preserve as the fresh flowers.

Wedding Style Headband

The headband used at the wedding will be more gorgeous than usual. It is usually decorated with crystals, pearls, gems and other elements, and some styles are also connected to the veil, it’s easy to take off.

Small Pearls Element Headwear

With small pearls, branch-shaped hair accessories, a very versatile wedding hair accessory.The branch shape is placed on the hair, which is very continual, suitable for brides with long hair.

Bun&Ponytail Headpieces

Girls who choose wedding hairstyles with ponytails or bun, don’t miss these headwear. Really,they are an excellent combination with your hairstyle.

Golden Leaves Handpiece

Most of the popular wedding headdresses today are silver and white. If you are tired of these, then choose a golden headdress. Unique gold leaves,flowers design for unique bride.