50 Beautiful Natural Short Square Nails Design For 2020

The cold winter is about to pass. Are you ready for the coming spring? In addition to welcoming spring with new clothes and new hairstyles, you also need an essential new look on your nails! Yes, beautiful nail decoration is your best choice.

Do you believe a small change on you nails will bring you a big surprise at 2020 begining?Here are 50 beautiful and unique short square nails design i want to recommand to you.Are you ready to pick the bes t one you like?

What’s The Different Of The Spring Nails Style?

Spring is the season when flowers bloom, plant growth and everything is flourishing.So the 50 nail styles I recommend to you all represent the beautiful colors of spring.

Pure colors Of Nails Are The First Choice

Natural and fresh pure colors are the first choice of spring for many people, because spring means that the cold and heavy winter has passed, and the season for the recovery of all things is coming.

Pink Color Design

Other Pure Colors Design

In fact, each kind of pure-color nails can simply and directly show the beauty of the nails, not only the elegant and cute pink, but also other bright colors, such as dark green, purple, royal blue, etc. are suitable for short square nails design.

Nails Style With Sequins Are Also A Great Choice For you

Image that the nails with sequins and cat eyes, whether indoors or outdoors, will catch others’ eyes on you .

Short Square Nails Style With Hand Painting

You can choose the picture you like,like cartoon characteries,sun,rainbow and etc. They all can be painted on your nails.That must be unique and interesting!

Simple Lines Painting Also Suits Paint On The Nails

If you think drawing patterns is too complicated, you can also choose simple but design line painting.

Slightly Mature Nails Are Make you More Feminine

Dark nail polish like black,red with small bright diamonds,elegant and feminine.

Cute Styles For The Lovely Girls

If you are cute style, the following nail styles are guaranteed to give you more playful vitality.

Natural Short Square Nails Design For 2020