50 Short Bob Haircuts Style That Will Continue To Be Popular In 2020

In recent years, the short bob haircut has become popular. It is a kind of thick short hair centered on the occipital region of the head. The 21st-century bob haircut is based on the modified mushroom haircut that was popular in the 1990s. Bob haircut is also an improvement of Sassoon, adding colors and layers to Sassoon.

Short bob haircuts can create girls with a clean and elegant temperament, many stars also love short bob haircut. So that, here we assemble for you the 2020’s 5 most popular short bob hair types, please enjoy.

1.Natural Short Bob Haircut

You can keep your original hair color: black, gold; the original hair quality (natural volume, natural straight hair), do not need too heavy hair dyeing or perm, just trim out the shape of your wanted bob haircut, the daily care of natural bob haircut is very convenient, suitable for girls who will can not shape.

2.Curl Short Bob Haircut

red short bob haircut

Perm is also very suitable for short bob haircut. Big wave curl and spiral curl are very fit for bob haircuts, It can be seen that the curly hair of the texture will appear more hierarchical. So I suggest that you can choose a bright hair color to do the short bob haircut, the effect must be very good!

3.Short Bob Haircuts with Bangs

Bob hairstyle with bangs is very cute and witty, and also very French,
Remember the iconic bob haircut with short bangs from the heroine in the movie “Leon and me”? Very nice, special and unique.

4. Neutral Feeling Short Bob Haircuts

The short bob haircut with the length above the ears, which has the end hairline with neat sense that style can show the female’s neutral and handsome sense very much. Usually, you can use the hair wax to make hairstyle, and you can use your fingers to grasp a few times at will. Also, don’t forget to divide your hair.

5.More Sagging Short Bob Haircut

The longer short bob haircut makes the hair more plump. If your hair is rough, you can make an ion perm. In this way, the shorter bob head will be more smooth and look good.