5 Amazing Types Of Tattoo

Yesterday, we talked about the classification of tattoos. To make a satisfactory tattoo, you must also understand the next five categories of tattoos. I believe that when you finish this article, you will really understand the type of tattoo you like.

This time I will analyze the following tattoo styles for you: point geometry, Oriental tradition, school, ink and watercolor, and super realistic five styles. Then follow me on.

Geometry and Prick Style

Combining the two tattoo styles, the way to express space is point, line and face. Geometry is composed of lines, in fact, lines are composed of countless points, so it can be said that the two are the same. Tattoo style often combines the prick and geometry, using the density and size of points and lines to express space. This tattoo style has a sense of artistic space.

Oriental Tradition

The oriental traditional image has a broad background and rich culture, history and allusion. Asian aesthetics has always been all about handcraft. Machines came into Asia very late. The traditional style is large-scale, covering the whole arm or leg or even the whole body. At present, Japanese tradition is the best one. Most of them are Japanese ukiyo paintings, that is, Japanese custom paintings and printmaking. Ukiyo paintings have high artistic value.

School Tattoo

School can be divided into old school and new school. The old school style has been popularized in previous articles. So introduce new school. As a continuation of the old school, new school, due to the continuous innovation of tools and pigments, discards thick lines and pursues line texture. Due to the addition of realistic elements, the color becomes variable. As the requirements of the guests become diversified, the theme is also enriched. A large number of bright colors are the characteristics of new school.

Ink Watercolor Tattoo

I divide watercolor and ink into one kind, because they are very similar, only the black gray is replaced by the color. This colorful style can be far away from the black outline or thick lines; therefore, the works of this style give people a soft feeling. This is considered to be a new style, with only about 5-10 years of development. The finished work will be like a watercolor( ink) painting.


The last and hardest type. Tattooists need to be able to control the whole picture: it means that there is no mistake from the structure of objects to the use of color. Super realism tattoos mostly have no trapped outline, this style can even make tattoos like a photo, without rich experience and superb painting skills, it is impossible to complete! The disadvantage is that the price is not cheap.