45 Pretty Natural short square nails with French tip nail design 2021!

Pastel short square nails with French tip design

Although I have saved a beautiful nail clipping folder on Instagram, decorated with butterflies, cherubs, and bed crosses, my favorite nail sticker is still a sticker. The problem is not my lack of skills-it’s proper that I know precisely which salon to go to instead of DIYing-, because my nails are always short and jagged due to prolonged nail bites.
Thank you, anxiety!

Over the years, my nails can’t grow more than a few millimeters above my fingertips, so I’ve been sticking to the short-nail manicure technique without fake nails. But fortunately, the trend is changing, and there is an equally stylish way to do it easily on small nails for every over-the-top nail design I’ve seen on Gram. Manicurists like Betina Goldstein and Steph Stone show off their minimalist designs almost only on shorter nails.

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