40+ Yellow Coffin Nails For Long Acrylic Nails

Summer is the hottest season for girls to dress their nails. Today, continue to recommend more than 40 kinds of yellow coffin manicures for you, to ensure that you can feast your eyes.

Manicure has always been popular with women of all ages. Who doesn’t want to be able to show his unique fingertip charm with a single hand? However, traditional methods of Manicure always cause some damage to nails, and are not very friendly to some women who need to do housework. So, is there a beautiful and healthy way of Manicure?

Water Soluble Nail Polish — Meet “Handling” Needs

Linda was a manicurist before she gave birth to a baby, but she has kept her nails “original” for a long time since she had a child who needed to cook and make nutritious meals every day. For the reunion, Linda brought out her new found baby.

At the party, the students sitting on both sides of her couldn’t help asking, “do you dare to do manicure while cooking every day?”? No fear of nail polish falling into the food! Linda smiled and answered with a slightly complacent answer: “I painted a water soluble nail polish today, and the water will be stripped before cooking. Disposable, no harm to nails, very convenient! “


  1. wipe the nails with alcohol before smearing, which will remove the grease. This will help nail polish to last.
  2. Try not to touch water within three hours after application, unless you want to remove it immediately.
  3. nail as far as possible not to be hard objects to encounter, otherwise nail polish may be lifted off.

3D Nail Stickers: Changing Manicure Style

Miss Li has long been a graphic model for a middle-aged clothing store. In order to meet the needs of taking photos of different clothes, she often had to repeatedly manicure and remove her nails. After a long time, her nails became thin and soft, and even the regular manicure shop would refuse to serve her. Just when she was worried, her daughter found a solution for her.

“This 3D Nail Sticker has the same effect as a manicure. Moreover, it is firmly pasted and will not fall off when wearing or taking off clothes. “My daughter pasted a sticker for Miss Li and explained,” if you don’t want it, soak it in hot water for ten minutes and rub it off. Later, when she was shooting, Miss Li changed her nail style with the variety of clothes. Even the makeup artist said that she couldn’t see the sticker at all.


  1. Nail stickers are slightly waterproof. As long as they are not exposed to water for a long time, they can last for more than three days without falling off due to touching.
  2. There are many ways to remove the nail. Soak it in hot water for ten minutes, and wash it with alcohol and bath products quickly.

Wearing Plate: The Best Choice For Lasting Enhancement

Sarah is an English teacher in a training institution. Due to her professional requirements, she is almost irrelevant to fashion at work, but Sarah wants to show her other side after work. It’s easy to say that make-up and wear, but nail is a problem. Generally, I have two days off at weekends, just finished my manicure, and I will unload it when I go to work on Monday. Unfortunately, I have a lot of damage to my nails. After a lot of research, Sarah finally chose a perfect solution that is durable, can be unloaded at any time, and does not hurt the nail.


  1. When sticking the nail plate, do not fully fit the root of the nail, leave a certain space, or the fingers will have a sense of compression.
  2. Do not immerse your fingers in cleaning products for a long time, or the jelly will be dissolved.
  3. Wear the nail plate for about ten days, and the nail plate can be reused. Replace the jelly

The three types of manicures described above are all healthy manicures widely loved by women in modern society. If it is necessary, you can try them.