40+ Lotus Tattoos With “Out Of Mud But Not Dyed”

There are countless beautiful flowers, but lotus is still the aspiration of many people. Lotus is the most commonly used plant as a symbol of religion and philosophy. The Lotus tattoo represents the holy, female beauty, purity, resurrection, elegance and the sun. It is also regarded as a symbol of the pure land of the West in Buddhism, It’s where the soul grows.

Girls like to make tattoos with flowers, especially lotus tattoos. The lotus grows out of the mud, but the flowers are fresh and refined. Therefore, lotus symbolizes the character of producing sludge without dyeing. We will compare lotus to a gentleman and give it a holy image. Lotus is also called lotus. Its double flower lotus is a symbol of longevity and pure love.

The Flower Tattoo Is Right Now!

Flower pattern, as one of the most attractive patterns in tattoo. Since ancient times, it has been popular with the public. Compared with the underdevelopment of early tattoo technology, as well as the shortage of tattoo materials. Tattoos in modern society go far beyond people’s imagination of “tattoo limitations”.

The Beautiful Implication of Lotus Tattoo

Lotus tattoo meaning: loyalty to love. The quality of being faithful, pure, innocent, and upright. Lotus is the flower of noble virtue. In a low-key way, elegance appears.

If you believe in Buddhism and are a devout Buddhist, then you must print a lotus flower. Because the Buddha is always associated with the lotus, for example, the seat of the Buddha is usually the lotus seat.

If you just like this kind of flower, you can design lotus flower pattern according to your own preference. You can combine lotus design with diamond, crystal pendant and other elements. Make the whole tattoo design show a kind of slender feeling.

Types of Lotus Tattoos

Texture Black Lotus Tattoo

In fact, the most suitable color for lotus tattoo is black. The blooming and complicated flowers match with the dark colors, just right for you. So, you can see that many girls’ Lotus tattoos are black.

With Black Lotus tattoo, the petals are generally kept properly white, so as to increase the fidelity of the flowers and express the pure and flawless feeling of the flowers.

The lotus pattern tattoo along the spine is just too feminine. The beautiful and clean back, coupled with the beautiful lotus tattoo is perfect. If you put on backless makeup in summer, you will definitely attract everyone’s attention.

Colorful Lotus Tattoos

The color will add more delicate freshness to the lotus tattoo. Many girls will also choose watercolor for flower tattoo, because the lines are delicate, which can show the delicate feeling of flowers.

The red tone is very suitable for drawing lotus patterns. But remember, if you want to draw colored petals, the skill requirements for tattooists are relatively high. You must know the tattooists well in advance before drawing patterns. Otherwise, you may be disappointed.

What Parts of The Body Are Lotus Tattoos Suitable For?

In addition to the spine bone mentioned above, as well as the arm, breast, calf position are the best choice for tattoo lotus. If you want to print between breasts, it’s better to choose a simple and small style.

If it’s tattooed on the arm, there’s a lot of room to play. Long flower pattern, big lotus flower pattern and so on are all very suitable.

The most representative flower in summer is lotus. The lotus is in full bloom in the summer sun, with pink flower bones, green flower stems and possibly full lotus plants. If you think about this scene, you will feel happy in your heart. In midsummer, if you have a chance, you must go to see such a beautiful scenery.