30 Chic gel coffin nails design to copy for your spring nails

In need of nail inspiration for your gel nails? Then you have come to the right place! We have found 30 of the most gorgeous gel nail designs from Instagram. Gel coffin nails are brilliant because not only do they look fabulous, but the polishes can stay chip free for a couple of weeks! We love gel nails and know that you will love our best picks too.

There is a nail design for everyone, from glitzy glitter to trendy nail art. What are you waiting for?! Take a look!

Coffin nail designs look awesome, especially with a long nails, but you don’t have to have long nails to take part in this trend. Coffin acrylic nails are especially fancy with plenty of nail designs for fantastic manicure types. In fact, we’ve found enough nail designs that you’ll be set all year.

The rich designer-inspired paint variation helps you to combine various shades to create this gorgeous nail paint design. You can customize your nail paint design and showcase your favorite brands and designers. Be it Gucci or Prada; showcase your love on your fingertips. Be unique and stand out with this designer-inspired idea.

If you think this is not a perfect nail design idea for you, we don’t know what will entice you. This is a gorgeous and elegant, frozen-inspired nail paint design perfect for all informal parties and events. You can stand out and look stunning with this beauty on your fingernails.

Minimal colors don’t have to be boring. Coffin nail ideas can turn the neutral manicure on its head by using two different neutral shades of pink in a fun ombre effect. On the accent nails, paint the entire nail the darker of the two neutral colors and add rhinestone designs for extra sparkle. Subdued but not boring.

If you are currently searching for a unique design that will enhance the beauty of your existing outfit and nails, then this rainbow-colored nail paint idea is perfect for you as it will accentuate the existing style and give you a sense of grace and flamboyance at the same time. You can also modify the rainbow colors with your favorite ones and be unique.