30 Best hair color and long hairstyle design for Brunette

Linen is a common hair color, which is between red and yellow and brown series. It is mild and does not pick people. However, it is better for babies with yellow and black skin to dye dark flaxen. Dark flaxen looks quite brown, this kind of dark flaxen will be relatively low-key, dark hair color but does not affect the beauty at all, and it is as beautiful as mid-length hair. Light flaxen is the most popular style in linen color, which can make your skin look white and red. It is really fashionable and beautiful to match with short hair with neck. Let’s look at these flurry long hairstyle and hair color for brunette!

This hair color is very beautiful. Flax is a kind of golden brown, which is divided into dark flaxen and light flaxen, which is yellow and brown series, generally light, equivalent to beige. Very soft, very elegant, very leisurely. It is a neutral color. If it is used as hair coloring agent, the skin will look white, which can bring delicate light changes and create a soft feeling.

Create dark linen brown hair, show the skin bright white fashion, easily create girls and many extraordinary effects, the thick bangs above the forehead, the unique charm of dazzling girls, it brings a little bit of sweetness to People. The straightened hair is naturally combed and the front and back connection is excellent.

Milk tea color is also a popular color this year. Hair like milk tea looks warm, fresh and cured. Dye your hair as milk tea and visually look white and fashionable, which is very suitable for Asian women’s skin color and can also add sweetness to the shape. Whether it is matched with long hair or short hair, it is very fashionable in minutes.

Sweet and warm chocolate hair dyeing is popular with fairies. Low-key and fashionable chocolate hair dyeing is very versatile and natural, and any skin color can hold. No matter it is matched with long hair or short hair, it is very graceful. This warm hair color is very warm when dyed in winter.

Chestnut brown hair color looks very special. The matte downy creates a feeling of being lazy and light, which is very gentle and generous. Chestnut brown hair color is matched with big curly long hair over the sky, which is now very popular “Internet celebrity hairstyle”, the light hair color is white and elegant, and it is full of fluffy S-shaped large curly long bangs goddess style.