22 Beautiful butterfly coffin nails design ideas You’ll not miss 2021 !

Many people like to stick some patches on their nails as decorations when doing manicure, which can make the whole manicure look more delicate. However, most of the decorations we stick on our nails are metal patches or diamond in the debris pearls. Although they are beautiful, they are not new when we see more. If you have such a feeling, you can try the manicure with butterfly patch decoration, which is very delicate and won’t rot the street. It is very sweet and gentle. we’ve collected 22 beautiful butterfly coffin nails design ideas for you to try this summer and Spring!

For this three-dimensional butterfly patch decoration, if you want to show its beauty to the maximum extent, you must be careful not to stick the butterfly too densely on your nails, otherwise, it will not only get the effect we want, but also have a feeling of excessive force, which will do more harm than good.

This manicure is very clean milky white on the whole, and it is not a solid color, but a gradient of milky white and light pink. The two colors blend perfectly, and this pink looks like the color of the nail itself, which is very natural. Only two of the ten nails of the whole manicure are decorated with three-dimensional butterflies, which can perfectly show the beauty of butterflies.

This manicure is also white, but it is not a fresh and gentle style, but a cool feeling. Although the nail surface is pure white, the laser design is also made. Laser nails may not be particularly conspicuous in the dark, but they will give off colorful light under the illumination of the light, it looks very delicate.

The matching butterfly decorative body is white, and the material of the butterfly is also a very textured Pinctada margarilifera. There is a circle of golden trim on the edge of the butterfly, and the white butterfly looks very mature and elegant under the decoration of golden trim.