Girls move and act up! Here are awesome beautiful things you are going to do, which is the most fashionable nail art, you will even look more pretty because of the nails.

July, the right season for summer, make up your nails with some metal element, which must be a symbol of a hot and sexy girl who you are. Females born with a good figure so should be our nails. Just make it nicely decorated and show up on a crowded street with your pretty amazing dresses. Check below, you may want one just now. Follow my steps, I trust that you will love it!

Little pearl rings make fingers more white
colorful like shining rainbows
small lines make fingers much longer
Transparent snowy
Chinese red and Chinese patterns.
I just like Purple
Sweet strawberry
colorful lines, try now
bling bling……
rainbow here
Holiday choice, or go shopping with sisters
Elegant as you
Red heart, the color of loving you
butterfly lies on my fingers

Always to be sunshine and happy girl. To be brave, try something new that you’ve never done before. To be kind, help the homeless little animals to have a warm home. Most importantly, be nice with yourself, do things more that makes feel happy. Make your daily life to be colorful in the first step. Change from yourself, now, from your nails. To live an amazing life begins with bright nails.

I’m the queen, I do what I want.
twinkle twinkle, little star

Life needs to be new things, especially beautiful things, don’t make your life stay the same all the time. Which is boring a lot? Be passionate, like summer, like fire, to shine to bright up. The gradually changing color on the nail will make you feel new and different from others. You are the unique one for your exclusive elegant nails. When you raise your hands up, people’s eyes will draw on you. Such an attractive style. You are worthy to have one.