2020 Practial Eye Makeup Tutorial For Beginners

Native appearance is given by parents. We generally have no choice, but do you know? With the most basic makeup skills, you can turn the imperfect parts of your face into what you want.

As the saying goes, there is no ugly woman but only a lazy woman, and no woman is born ugly. You just need to draw a makeup to make yourself beautiful! In particular, eye makeup can better reflect the atmosphere of a girl, but some novices find it difficult to draw eye makeup. Today I will share how to draw good eye makeup.

1.Lay The Foundation

Messy eyebrows, dull and rough eye skin cannot help you to create perfect eye makeup. Before applying makeup, you must trim your eyebrow shape, trim the eyebrows that are too long, and remove excess hair; then use a lighter concealer or liquid foundation to apply to the eyes.

2.For Eye Makeup, You Must Have Basic Tools

“If you want to be good at work, you must sharpen your tools first.” For eye makeup to be clean and natural, makeup brushes are indispensable.
We can’t ask for a lot of brushes and beauty tools like beauty bloggers, but to draw a good eye makeup, you must have a round brush to make it easy to apply eye shadow on a large area; one fit flat brush, it is aggravated along the root of the eye; the final brightening in the middle of the eye can be colored with your finger.

3.Goodbye, Fly Leg Eyelashes

Many girls’ eyes makeup is mostly planted on fly-like lashes. Every time you apply mascara, there will always be adhesions and eyelids. The lashes that are stuck together are not easy to separate, which is a headache. In my experience, it is important to choose a mascara product with a good reputation. Secondly, it is best to apply mascara in one go. Don’t change it non-stop. If you really have a bad eyelash brush, go for get fake eyelashes.

4.It Is Not Difficult To Draw The Eyeliner

If you want to have bright eyes, you must have eyeliners. Novices can draw regular eyeliner, that is, from the back to the front of the eyelashes, leaving a little blank on the eye head. Do not overweight the bottom half of the lower eyeliner, and finally draw the arc of your favorite at the end .

5.Eyeshadows Are Essential For Delicate Eye Makeup

Eyeshadow is the key point for good eye makeup. For beginners, choosing eye shadow can choose more land colors, which is convenient for trying out the eye makeup that suits you. In addition, when you put on the eyeshadow, you must meditate “a few times, a few times” in your heart. The makeup of the eyes can’t be rushed. Slowly, it will have the effect you want ~