2020 Latest Short Pixie Haircut Comes~ Do These Things Well to Make You Have The Perfect Pixie Hair

Summer is a season full of enthusiasm. Girls put on beautiful clothes and short Pixie hair. They go out with friends happily. But they soon found a problem. Before long, the hairstyle they had carefully designed before leaving the house was gone. On the one hand, the weather is too hot and cause to people sweaty. On the other hand, it’s because your hair has too much oil!

Many beautiful eyebrows will encounter the problem of scalp oil. They feel that their hair is always more oily than others. A little more hair can cover up the situation of scalp root oil. The girl with little hair is obviously holding a big greasy head. Her hair has collapsed, and even people standing beside her can smell the smell of greasy head. It’s really embarrassing. As a delicate girl from the beginning to the end, we must face up to this problem.

What is The Turpentine?

Our scalp, like the skin on our face, secretes oil. Due to the secretion of sebum, after the scalp oil is discharged to the skin surface, it is mixed with the lipid produced by other keratinocytes on the skin surface to form the oil. The normal oil secretion of scalp can protect hair and keep warm, and even lock skin moisture. So, let you not wash your hair for a few days before dyeing your hair. It can play a protective role. It’s true!

In this way, the right amount of scalp oil benefits more. If your hair is abnormally greasy, you need to think about which step you should take. It’s not right. Let me tell you, the following reasons may cause excessive scalp oil.

Find Out Why From The Following Points

1. Related to Yo Your Skin Type

Some people are born with strong secretion function of sebaceous glands, not only the scalp loves oil, but also the skin loves oil, especially the T area of the face, which is a physical factor. More attention should be paid to the daily cleaning of the scalp. And the amount of oil out of the scalp has nothing to do with the frequency of shampoo.

2. Improper Selection Or Use Of Washing Products

Shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask are the products that hairdressers need to use in their daily life. Generally speaking, shampoo should be selected according to their own hair quality. For those with more oil, choose the shampoo with oil removal and oil control. For those with dry hair, choose the one with moisture. About those with more dandruff, choose the one with dandruff removal. If shampoo is not selected correctly, it will lead to imbalance of scalp environment and increase the amount of oil or dandruff.

Oily scalp can try to use refreshing and oil control shampoo to improve the condition and reduce the discomfort of oil tightness. Or non silicone shampoo. Remove silicone oil from the shampoo formula. Instead, choose a milder surfactant, an alternative conditioner to silicone oil, and effectively care for the scalp.

3. Bad Habit of Staying Up Late and High Mental Pressure

Staying up late for a long time or under great mental pressure will stimulate the sebaceous glands, increase the secretion of sebum, and make you like to lift a big oil head. Serious can also cause hair loss. Might as well in the hair care after shampoo, with scalp massage, relax the tension of the scalp, appropriate to relieve their own pressure, and then go to sleep early.

4. Eat High Calorie Food

With the fast pace of life of urbanites, fast food with high calorie is quite popular with office workers. High calorie food can accelerate the secretion rate of sebum, increase the level of androgen in the body, and accelerate the secretion of sebum. For example, dessert, barbecue, fried food, greasy food and so on.

If it’s really intolerable that the hair is oily, and for a while and a half it won’t be able to meet the conditions of in-situ shampoo. Then I recommend that you use short acting dry hair spray to effectively remove the discomfort caused by head oil and keep your image at all times.

Such as multiple management or did not improve the phenomenon of scalp oil. And your hair is accompanied by obvious dandruff and obvious itching of the scalp. Your scalp may have seborrheic dermatitis, which can’t be relieved by daily care and lifestyle adjustment. At this time, you can choose to go to the hospital to see the dermatology department and consult the doctor to give you the most correct daily scalp care guidance.

There Are So Many Advantages of Short Pixie Hair Style

What’s more, the biggest advantage of this hairstyle is that it’s easy to take care of. Because it’s short enough. As long as you master the key points and cut them right, you don’t need to pay too much attention to the follow-up, as long as you ensure that you don’t get up with hair blasting~

If it is Super Short Pixie hair, as long as there is a special cut out of the sense of hierarchy, so that the top of the natural fluffy. Girls with round faces can try it, not only won’t be rustic, but also have a kind of French natural and fresh feeling.

Well, did you find that Pixie is the most recommended hairstyle for me. Why? Of course, it’s because it’s so beautiful and fashionable. Promise me to try, will you?