2020 Latest Ponytail Hairstyle For Medium-length Hair

In recent years, in addition to the most popular short hairstyle, it is the most popular among medium hairstyle. Now, most girls have given up too long and burdensome hairstyle, and each one has medium-length hair styling.

Girls with medium-length hair should not let themselves have a same hairstyle every day. As the saying goes, change a hairstyle and change a mood, so on the basis of not trimming the hairstyle, various ponytail hairstyles have become the best choice.

Hair styles suitable for girls with medium-length haircuts mainly include ball head(including half ball head), double ponytail, double braided hair, low ponytail, personalized braid, princess head and so on.

Ball Head Hairstyle

Ok,ball head hairstyle is the easiest ponytail style, but ball head(half head) style can make you so energetic and ease. So,if you don’t know how to make complicated ponytail hairstyle, ball head hairstyle is a good choice.

double ball head ponytail hairstyle
ball head hairstyle for medium-length hair
bow ponytail hairstyle

Natural Ponytail Hairstyle

A beautiful and natural ponytail shape, including high, medium and low ponytail shapes, cannot be separated from fluffy hair, so you can think more about the fluffy feeling of the hairstyle.

Compile Ponytail Hairstyle

Hair weave elements are very often used in ponytail hairstyle for medium-length hair. If you go on holiday´╝îyou must want your hairstyle more beautiful than usual, then these weave hairstyle are certaily worth to make!

Centipede weave ponytail hairstyle

Japanese Princess Style Ponytail

Japanese ponytail hairstyle pays great attention to the natural lightness of the hair, some hair accessories: flowers, ribbons, glittering hair clips are essential decorations, very princess style.

Half Tie Ponytail Hairstyle

Half tie ponytail shows your casual attitude towards life, it is very practical in daily life, and you can tie a very beautiful half ponytail yourself without using a hair stylist.

Ponytail Hairstyle For Party

These ponytail medium hair is very suitable for more formal occasions such as parties, weddings, etc. They are very beautiful and can add a lot of glory to your look.