35 Best undercut pixie haircut ideas for 2021 summer hairstyles

    Undercut pixie haircut is a short haircut for women, which you usually see on fashionable women. If you are a tomboy at heart or want to change your hairstyle and don't mind cutting your hair short, you must choose a fairy hairstyle! You may lose most of your hair, but what you get is a simple wash-and-go hairstyle; it adds a slight advantage to your hair and gets many compliments.


    35 Easy ponytail hairstyle and summer long hair ideas for 2021

    Easy ponytail hairstyle is often misunderstood as lazy hairstyles. Although I like ponytails, I was the first to admit that this is an escape hairstyle. Of course, they are great for running errands or "going to the gym". But it's challenging to spend the time to get a ponytail into a neat-looking hairstyle. So, in the spirit of changing my bland approach, I combed Instagram, looking for the most beautiful ponytail ideas ever.


    Almond shaped nails | short nails design ready for the fall season

    Almond shaped nails are ready for the fall season! Experienced nail art lovers know that some nail shapes are related to length and proportion. Nowadays, you can ask the manicurist to file nails into more than just square or oval shapes. You can try coffin-shaped nails, which are long and eye-catching with a square tip. You can also try stiletto nails, pointy like iconic shoe heels. However, our favorite non-traditional nail shape has to be almond-shaped, where the curved cuticle tilts down to a small round tip at the tip of the nail. Like her coffin and stilettos, this shape is charming but more subtle and delicate. Blake Lively, who…


    Skeleton Makeup Ideas | skull make up ideas for Halloween

    Skeleton Makeup Ideas are here for Halloween 2021. The skull costume is a Halloween classic for a reason: when done right, this look can be stuffy at a party. Whether you plan a few weeks in advance or need some last-minute ideas, we've found 10 makeup tutorials to try for every skill level and end result. Need the perfect sugar skull to see the day of the dead? Don't worry, we do too. Suppose you've ever spent hours researching Halloween makeup ideas on Instagram. In that case, you may have seen some awesome but impossible IRL looks. Skeleton makeup definitely falls into this category. Making every little detail right involves…


    Bobby pin hairstyle | fashion hair accessories hairstyle trend for 2021

    Bobby pin hairstyle is coming back this year. Of all the hair accessories, the hairpin won the most practical and least sexy superlative. (They are also the only thing you have about 200 items that you will never find.) But this season's fashion month has changed that. In shows like Maki Oh and Sally LaPointe, these little workhorses aren't just used to fix a sandwich. After trying and quickly being fascinated by our "hairpin art" fashion show style. We turned to the only creative and straightforward new place we could think of: Instagram. We have found that wearing a bobby pin for every hair length and texture is the most…


    Best friend tattoos | Matching Friendship Tattoo Ideas for Your Bestie

    What are Best friend tattoos? Famous examples of the best friend symbol include two crossed arrows, a chain of hearts, or the infinity and yin and yang symbols. However, if you want to use a tattoo to symbolize your friendship with your best friend, it should represent your relationship. In fact, the tattoo is on your body, so you can do whatever is most meaningful to you. Moreau said: "The great thing about friends and lovers is that opposites attract each other. Even if you are similar, you are still different people." You can get tattoos on your fingers and arms, or on your legs. Yellow is synonymous with friendship.…


    Coffin acrylic nails | The Hottest Nail Trends Of 2021-Coffin Nail Design

    The hottest nail art trend this year is none other than coffin acrylic nails. Coffin nails are trendy, avant-garde, and sexy. Before you feel the charm of it, you have to try it for yourself. Successful coffin nails in 2021 will still be one of the hottest nail art trends 4 years later. We've rounded up 35 great coffin nails to provide inspiration for your next nail art. Check out the latest mani art designs trend and, through our complete nail art guide, click on the best nail art trends of Fashion Week. Celebrity manicure tips reveal how to paint your nails like a pro, from shaping and filing to…


    Light blue nails | Who knew nail colors could be so deep?

    Have you noticed that many girls on TikTok have painted their nails light blue nails recently? In fact, this is the latest trend in this app, but the reason is not what you think. Compared to the girls who choose this newer and more exciting color for their summer nails, this is actually a way to show that you are in love. What is the reason? When you ask every man what color you should paint your nails, they will choose this color. What are blue nails? Now, the girls on TikTok show off their blue nails or playfully paint their nails in different colors to show that they have…


    Reverse French tip nails | cute French Tip Nails to Recreate Your Favorite Looks

    Remember when French nail art and Reverse French tip nails were all the rage in the early 21st century? I spent the whole afternoon just applying an unnatural white layer on top of my nails, which look like my hands are applying white varnish. From 2002 to 2016, French nail art has a new model (no more white fake nail tips). The principle of Reverse French tip nails and classic French manicure is the same (paint the nails in two contrasting colors), but under this makeup is the lower part of the nail, which we call a half-moon. When you go to a beauty salon next time, you may want…


    French tip coffin nails | 35Ways to Make a French Manicure Cool Again

    French tip coffin nails are a classic design that has stood the test of time. The central idea of ​​the French tip coffin nails is to apply a color that complements or contrasts with the base color on the tip of the nail. These new ideas of 2021offer many different aspects to the French manicure. Combine different nail types and various nail art techniques to make your nails stand out. These include trendy nail polishes like gel and chrome nails and fabulous French manicures like sequins and embellishments. True nail enthusiasts will find many beautiful and exciting ideas that will make their nails stand out from the crowd.French pointed nails…