35 Clear acrylic nails are a natural way to try them in 2021

    Ombre acrylic nails are always a fashion trend. If the trend has passed in any way, let us know. The term ombre, literally translated in French as “ombre,” refers to the gradual transition between colors, light to light, and vice versa. Ombre is the most popular haircut, with dark roots gradually fading to a light golden color, and ombre has swept the world and is ubiquitous. From home decor to clothing and, of course, manicures, it seems few people can resist this hot trend!


    35 White coffin-shaped nails to try in the summer of 2021

    The white coffin nails look very refreshing and fashionable in summer. Sometimes referred to as ballet nails, coffin nails were all the rage in the early '90s for their new manicure look. But have yet to lose their distinctive appeal. The coffin nail design is gorgeous, chic, and fashionable. Lovers of long nails particularly appreciate them. Coffin nails look great on long nails and are best suited for long nails, but that doesn't mean you can't have the shape of a coffin. Coffin nails can also be used on short nails.


    30 stylish short Bob with bangs to try out for the summer

    The short bob has been famous for decades, but the modern bob is genuinely unique in its versatile and rough style. By combining color, shape, and size, short bobs can be worn by any woman who wants to try new things. Today'sToday short bob hairstyle is different from yesterday yesterdays. The fashionable blonde was no longer the kind of sturdy blonde; she became a blonde with blue eyes and dim lights. Therefore, Bob is not just a Bob; it is a sloppy, graded Bob with air in it, which looks fantastic!


    30 small finger tattoo is perfect for this summer 2021

    Finger tattoos may be taboo, or they may be a form of rebellion. Still, because they're completely customizable, they can be designed in any style, which means you can choose a way that's more in line with your aesthetic. But make no mistake; Even if you choose a light touch, a finger tattoo can be expressed through its visibility. Whether the impact is big or small depends on the details of your design, including size, location, paint, and appearance. Finger tattoos are among the most painful places in tattoos because of the lack of muscle and fat between the skin and bones and nervousness. However, unlike some postures, pain is…


    30 stylish summer almond nails to try

    Almond nails are hot in every season, but in summer, choose bright colors and new designs. They are usually very long and are great for painting on them. From flower arrangements to lines and colorful geometric patterns: you can wear everything in summer. Yellow nails, colorful fantasy, and sparkles-these are just a few clothes you can wear in the summer to match your smooth outfits and bikinis!

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    40 stylish almond and French tip nails

    Almond nails can work in any season, but this summer, it chose bright colors and innovative designs. They are usually very long and very suitable for use. From flower arrangements to colorful lines and patterns: In summer, everything is possible. Once we notice a crack in the nail, if we are honest, sometimes even earlier, we will think of our next pin. Although the color of nail polish is essential, you must figure out what kind of nail polish you want. If we say this to ourselves, you will not miss an elegant almond nail shape if you have a period of working hours.


    40 Elegant Glitter coffin nails you’ll love for Party!

    Glitter coffin nails on coffin nails are more fun to wear. Flash is a universal contact used for entertainment and light. There is only one thing in gloss that can make you smile. If you are new here, you are the best person who looks great. What is a coffin nail? Since people manicure, there are two primary forms: round and square. We have prepared all kinds of nails. Cheer up, addict friends, because we finally have something new. Coffin nails, sometimes called ballet nails, are a unique style of nail art. They extend almost to the edge, where they are square to create visual interest and advantage. If you…

  • Natural short square nails with French tip nail design 2021!

    45 Pretty Natural short square nails with French tip nail design 2021!

    French tip nail polish applies a color that contrasts or complements the selected background color on the top of the nail. The "older" style has more prominent nib stripes, while the modern style is minimalist. After all, less is more! If you wanna follow the classic French tip nails trends but want to make it enjoyable, you can try changing the commonly used pink base and white tip to different colors. Scrub and gloss may start a new trend. Over the years, my nails can't grow more than a few millimetres above my fingertips, so I've been sticking to the short-nail manicure technique without fake nails.

  • sunflower nails

    30+ Pretty Sunflower Nails for Summer nail Design To Inspire You.

    Sunflower Nails art is trendy. It is not surprising as flowers are suitable for any occasion and you can choose from a variety of different colors and shapes of sunflowers. Now the sunny weather has arrived, and the sunflowers are back in the spotlight. These bright yellow flowers nails are a new favorite and look great when used for nail art. Hot summer days remind me of sunflowers. Sunflowers always follow the sun, meaning the positive side. I like the color of sunflowers. The bright yellow contrasts with the dark brown. I use sunflowers to create nail art, and I find it amazing that sunflowers can become a fashion theme…

  • summer tropitcal nails

    30 Wonderful Summer Tropical Nails To Make Your Summer nice!

    When it comes to your perfect summer look, summer tropical nails are the last thing you miss. The range of summer nail design is vast and limitless. You can choose some bright colors or select the entire summer tropical nails, including palm trees nails and ocean nails. Use your imagination, and the results will be excellent. With summer just around the corner, it's essential not only to lose weight for beach season but also to think about your new nail art. summer nails are perfect for summer madness, as summer is a time of sun, sea, and vacation. That's why today, we came up with a poignant idea to share…